Trout Fishing Week 32D – 2013

Posted on 09/08/2013

We started in Litza at Mystic and the water was very low and warm as expected. There were a few fish rising late in the evening, but no hatches.We managed to catch a few fish and almost all were taken between the rocks downstream of the camp. During daytime we watched large trout in the “aquarium” close to the camp. The fish was not rising and did not seem to eat at all during daytime. They were occupied by chasing each other around and it is always interesting to watch normal behavior of the fish.

From left: Gena (cook/guide), Stig Wiggen, Vidar Sørensen, Geir Ruud, Bård Linge, Erik Jahre and Edvard BergeneFrom left: Gena (cook/guide), Stig Wiggen, Vidar Sørensen, Geir Ruud, Bård Linge, Erik Jahre and Edvard Bergene (group leader)

Our cook Gena provided excellent food and we kept spirits up in spite of the difficult fishing conditions. We hoped for rain and the brief shower that came did not make much difference.

When we were lifted to Dream Kharlovka our prayers for rain were still not fulfilled and water temperature rose to 22C during daytime. During nighttime we experienced the well-known caddis pupa feeding frenzy with large trout rising “everywhere”. Read Alf Martin Sollunds report from week 30 touching on the same issue. The only challenge is of course to catch them and our successes were limited, catching only a few fish. It is amazing to see the large number of large fish rising in the same pool simultaneously. Other groups have also tried to break the code and no one has yet really succeeded as far as I know, if so tell me about it.

Water level was also very low in Kharlovka and the reduced speed of the current made the fish very skeptical to our flies. Many times the fish changed their minds in the last second and refused the fly. Both at Mystic and Dream Kharlovka we caught a lot of pike and in a few cases we also experienced that pike grabbed smaller fish hooked on our flies before we managed to retrieve them for release. One day we experienced a supersonic boom from a passing military aircraft. First we thought it was a lightning strike giving hope for rain, but no. Our guide & cook Gena provided us with his secret fly and we sure caught a few trout on it. The result altogether was rather disappointing with only 14 trout over 1 kg landed and none above 2.5 kg. None of us were fishless and we hope for improved conditions next time.

Edvard Bergene, group leader.

Troutwatching in the aquarium pool at MysticAcquarium: “Troutwatching in the aquarium pool at Mystic”

Cheerful breakfast on the tundraBreakfast : “Cheerful breakfast on the tundra”

2.5 kg trout from MysticMystic trout: “2.5 kg trout from Mystic”.

Geir with nice fish from KharlovkaKharlovka: “Geir with nice fish from Kharlovka Dream which turned out to be a pike…”

Low water MysticLow water Mystic: “Extreme low water conditions at Mystic”.

trout2013-w32d-01Kharlovka sunset: “Late night sunset over Kharlovka”