Trout Fishing Week 32A – 2013

Posted on 09/08/2013

Trophy Trout

In front of this years trip to Russia and Kola we had heard a lot of rumors about “never seen this water level”, “the heat is on”, “sparse hatching” and so on. All this rumors made us prepare for the worst and hope for the best. We knew that we had to face difficult fishing conditions and that it could be tricky. But tricky doesn’t have to be negative. Tricky means that we had to think different from previous years. Less water means smaller flies.

Our group was a mixture of second- and first time fly fishers to Kola with various expectations and experience from river fishing.


Our first camp was Kharlovka Oset. Knut, Yenn and I had the pleasure of fishing Oset last year and had some quite good memories from home pool and the upper part of the beat. Arriving Oset we had to admit that the heat was on. We measured 32°C in the air and 21°C in the water. Still Igor refused to turn the heater off.

It’s painful to dress up in both waders and wading jacket under such conditions. The number of black flies forced us, though they were everywhere.

During the first night we had a significant temperature drop and we measured air temperature round 5°C. Kharlovka showed us glimpse of magic when large trout (4+) were rising head and tail after swimming caddis pupae. During the first 24 hours at Oset everyone had contact with their first tundra trout, mainly on “Sømmepuppa” #13-14.

troutweek32a-02This little fella

troutweek32a-03Tom Aagedal with nice trout

The next 2 days/nights we had warm weather during the nighttime and sparse hatching of caddis pupae. More than earlier we had to wait for trout to rise because of sparse caddis hatching during nighttime. The trickiness consists more than before to wait until the trout broke the surface one or two times and then quickly present the fly. Lower water level also gave us trickiness in controlling the fly line to present the fly dead-drift. Previous years the higher water level made the river run more or less homogenous. This year we had rocks and stones breaking up the stream. This made us cast even shorter. Longer cast was more difficult to control.

troutweek32a-04Rythm of tundra


troutweek32a-06Waiting for the hatch

Arriving Dream Litza we encountered the same water level, weather and a temperature drop the first night. I had the pleasure of fishing Dream Litza in 2010 but under quite different conditions. This year we had caddis hatching during the nighttime and we caught a number of nice brown trout (2 kg+) downstream.

Yenn landing trout Yenn landing trout

Yenn with nice troutYenn with nice trout

Smaller Madam-X, foam hoppers, olive CDC caddis and Sømmepuppa seemed to be the solution.

Night fog over Litza Night fog over Litza

Tom casting for trout after spottingTom casting for trout after spotting

The next evening/nights we continued to catch fish downstream our camp, but we also saw a lot of bigger trout rising in the big pools upstream. They seemed to be a bit difficult to reach from shore as they where rising in the middle of the pools. In Dream pool we noticed that the fish was extremely nervous, but some of the group members made contact with these trout after patient waiting. Best fishing hours seemed to be from 22-03 and from 05-09.

Trond with 2,6 kgTrond with 2,6 kg

Trond with 3,5Trond with 3,5

This years Kola trip made me thinking. Usually we have been fishing the necks, but this year we also found trout in the inlet streams. What we didn’t fish was the riffles in between. I’m quite sure that we ignored a lot of fish standing in the small pockets in the riffles. We could of course prepared for this, by selecting the right flies like Humpy. Fortunately Yenn brought his fly tying wise and material so we tied a number of extra caddis pupae and foam hoppers for the group.

Morten Morten

3 kg litzatrout3 kg litzatrout

All in all we caught 37 fish on the group. Largest trout was 3,5 kg and 3 kg. We had 14 fishes between 2-3 kg. 100% on Dry fly!! I’m glad to say that both Terje, Tom and Morten all made new personal records

trout week 32a group photoBack from left: Knut Gregersen, Morten Min Aslaksen, Igor, Trond Kjaerstad-groupleader. Front from left: Terje Glamsland, Tom Aagedal, Virakbott Yenn

As previous Igor supplied us with excellent food, humor and patience. Thanks Igor! Hope to be back in 2014, no later than 2015! Meanwhile, take care.

Trond Kjærstad/groupleader