Trout Fishing Week 32 (Rynda) – 2013

Posted on 09/08/2013


Six eager trout anglers arrived at Ryndacamp and were flown to upper Rynda for a week of trout fishing. The condition was not at its best. Almost three months without rain is not optimal. The river was low, the water temperature around 20 degrees Celsius.

The first night we experienced some rising, mainly on caddis hatching. Fish were caught, and every one was smiling. After some days fishing we found that the fish preferred standing in running water, and rising was of no use as long as the heat had killed any tempt on hatching from caddis or other flies.

We decided to walk a lot, to see the whole river system we were placed at, and found nice trout in all smaller streams in the main river, both upstream and downstream the camp. We also tried some lakes in the area, without much success.

The nature is overwhelming with wonderful sunsets, tracks of bear and wolverine and lots of berries.





Total number of trout caught for the whole group was 49 trout from one kilo to 3,2 kilo. Average size about 1,5-1,8 kilo. Most fish were caught on Kolakillers and Muddlers, due to the fact that there was no rising of the fish.



The camp, the flight, Vasilliev the cook and everything else was perfect. We had a nice stay. Next time we will order more water in the river and more hatching!

Espen F