Trout Fishing Week 32 – 2012

Posted on 04/08/2012

Dream Litza and Dream Kharlovka

Back from another fantastic trip on the Russian tundra with exactly the same group as last year. We were all well prepared and thought we would know exactly what to expect. But ‘Tundra is Tundra’ and anything can happen…

Group from left: Per Klaesson, Espen Klaesson, Nor Bjørlykke, Roy Refsnes, Eivind Hagen (Group Leader), Igor and Are Bjørlykke

We started off in Dream Litza which was a new place for us. We were stunned by the nice pools there and would love to go back. We arrived to perfect conditions with normal water level and river temperature of 13 degrees. We couldn’t wait to start exploring and rigged camp and rods in a hurry. That evening we got 12 trout’s which laid down a promising foundation for the rest of the trip. Dream Litza were good to us this year and gave us 28 fish with an average of 2.2 kilo.

trout2012-w32-02.jpgNor with his new personal best, a nice 2.4 Litza trout.

trout2012-w32-03.jpgHere is Roy with the trip’s biggest, a 4.1 kilo trout taken on a Super Pupa #14 in Dream Litza just upstream home pool.

trout2012-w32-04.jpgEspen with a nice 3.7 kilo Litza trout.

trout2012-w32-05.jpgMe with a nice 3.5 kilo Litza trout……..

On Tuesday we were picked up and went to Dream Kharlovka which has always been one of my favorites. The water level was a bit high but nothing that the nice pools of Dream Kharlovka couldn’t handle. We experienced scattered mayfly hatches (Heptagenidae and Baetidae) during the first couple of days but the fish were keener on caddis. Every night between 00:00 – 02:30 we had exciting caddis hatches and huge trout were rising steady just a couple of meters from land. It was first a frustrating experience trying to catch them but we did get the hang of it at the end of our trip. Dead drift Super Pupa’s size 14 did the trick.

trout2012-w32-06.jpgPer with a nice 2.6 kilo Kharlovka trout, his new personal best.

trout2012-w32-07.jpgAre with a nice 3.2 Kharlovka trout.

When Roy came in the Lavvo showing this picture we first thought it was a bear, maybe a bit too much Russian vodka ;)


In summary we got a total of 54 fish, 9 of them larger than 3 kilo and the biggest were 4.1kg. We all felt that August were perfect time to be on the tundra with relatively stable weather, few mosquitos’ and the very exiting caddis hatches in the head of the pools.


Many thanks also to Igor again who were managing the camp with style, made fantastic food (even better than last year) and gave excellent Tundra advice!

Can’t wait to next time!

Tight Lines,