Trout Fishing Week 31B – 2013

Posted on 02/08/2013

Scones & Pina

After having spent a long one year waiting and preparing since the last trip to the Tundra the group finally arrived at Scones with high expectations all geared up for a week chasing the worlds fines trouts.

group photoHelge Olsen, Viggo Christensen, Igor «The Tundra Man», Espen Klaesson, Are Bjørlykke (Group Leader) and Vyacheslav «Slava» Gutov

We soon learned that the summer this year had been extremely dry and warm and hence the fishing proved to become a bit different compared to previous years. During the week we had clear blue skies and tropic temperatures (air 28 and water 22). These conditions resulted in a lack of insects triggering the fish to rise and we found big fishes in unexpected parts of the river. This combined with extremely low water levels making the fish quite shy gave us a few challenges and we had to work hard finding and catching fish.

Helge, Viggo and Slava were all first timers and had only heard stories and seen amazing videos of what the Tundra Rivers may offer on a good day. Actually Slava had never fished trout before but as the Siberian Champion of Casting and a hard core fly tier truly he had his golden moment landing a 5kg trout on a small caddis he had just tied in the lavvo during lunch.

Espen 3.3kgEspen 3.3kg – at Scones – personal record on dry fly

Espen 3.3kgSlava – Group and personal record 5kg at Pina

At Scones we had a good start and Viggo landed 6 fishes the first day – not bad for his tundra debut. The home pool was almost all dried up and we found the best fishing around the Old Cabin and downstream. Espen secured a personal dry fly record landing a 3.3kg and Are had a tundra moment landing a 3.8kg caddis eater. All in all we landed 23 trouts at Scone and this was not bad at all taken the conditions into considerations.

The next camp was Pina. Last year Pina delivered some amazingly large trouts and so it did this year. Slava found a 5kg beauty in a part of the river most of us having fished Kola rivers before most likely would have walked past. Even with little trout fishing experience he safely landed the fish with a 0.17mm tippet!

Helge scored his personal record with a 3.2kg fish and Are did as well landing a 4kg airborne happy fighter caught on a size 12 caddis. Pina delivered 26 trouts bringing the total for the week up to 49 and most caught on dry flies.

Espen 3.3kg
Are – 4kg and personal record at Pina

Espen 3.3kg
Helge – Personal record 3.2kg – Pina

During the evenings when the wind calmed down we had quite many mayfly spinners dancing however they seemed happier onshore and did not trigger much surface activity. Nor did we manage to find any caddis pupae hatching which has provided some fantastic fishing experiences at August night times during the past years. We had the occasional rises however very sporadic and random. Also very frustrating was observing monster trouts rising in the middle of large pools totally out of range – even for a Siberian Casting Master competing with Distance as specialty.

One new lesson learned this year was it seemed due to the low water level the fishes were fighting for their territory. We observed fishes fighting in then surface and quite many times they were chasing streamers without actually hooking – quite depressing at times.

Igor’s cooking is getting better and better for every year and soon our camp will have a Michelin Star. The tundra will never be the same without our favorite Guide and Tundra Philosopher. Kharlovka Company delivered the logistics as always and we all went home with a big smile and next year in mind… Tundra is Tundra.

Espen 3.3kgViggo – personal record 1.8kg – Scones.

Espen 3.3kgDrill time – Pina.

Espen 3.3kgFish spotting and Effes time – Pina.

Espen 3.3kgEspen demonstrating release skills….

Espen 3.3kgIgor explaining his philosophy – «Tundra is Tundra and fog is fog”.

Espen 3.3kgSlava preparing the caddis for his record fish.

Espen 3.3kg2013 Strong man competition. Winner this year (same as last year) – Igor.

Espen 3.3kgAre 3.8kg – Scones.

Espen 3.3kg