Trout Fishing Week 31A – 2012

Posted on 28/07/2012

Running Litza / Second knee Litza.

A big happy family, consisting of: (from the left) Jan Iver Hansen, Sven Rudi Hansen, Torbjoern Johansen, Harald Odberg, Tore Hansen, Nikander Hansen, group leader Kurt Albertsen and the incredible Igor!!


First timers to Kola. Everybody has been fishing with fly before, but wobblers and spoons have previously been preferred. This trip was a «back to flyfishing» experience. I think everybody agreed that it was a huge success…

After fishing for 15 minutes in Running Litza Sven Rudi landed a 3.8 kg Litza trout. His Rapala cap instantly started to fade…. «I`ve heard that the fishing here could be good, but this is surreal» he exclaimed.


The followind day Sven Rudis 17 year old son Nikander decided to show his father how to really catch big fish with his 4,1 kg trout on a gold head nymph on the tail of upper Sami Kitchen. Very calm and concentrated he played the fish of his life in an excellent manner, and showed expert treatment of the trout during release. Good job!!!

Nikander produced an impressive average of almost 2,5 kg after his week of fishing.


The last day on Running, finally it was Jan Ivers time to fish the tail of the lake. His biggest fish from previous days was 3,6 kg. A steady rising fish showed to be a new trophy trout: 4,0 kg.


Torbjoern is a relaxed fisherman that knows the art of enjoying any environment he comes across. In his relaxed manner he easily passed the 3 kg magic limit in Running with his 3,2 kg trout.


Second knee is a safe bet in the late season. 62 fish were landed. 7 of them above 3 kg Here represented by Tores 3,2 kg.


Finally the groups grand old man Harald threw in his joker and tricked a 5,5 kg trout on a dead drift streaking caddis out of the small lake in second knee. I believe we are talking Litza record here…. (:


A total of 95 fish with an average size of almost 2,1 kg. The 40 biggest fishes made an average of 2,9 kg!!

I dont know what the trout in Litza have been feeding on the last couple of years, but whatever it is, keep eating!!! We hope somebody will see the magic 6 before the season is over.