Trout Fishing Week 30B – 2013

Posted on 26/07/2013

The short story was that 4 experienced fly-fishermen had great fishing catching 72 trout larger than 1 kg (best 4,1kg) during extreme low water conditions at Dream Kharlovka with water temperature ranging from 12-14 degrees C. This year was really joyful with a new and unexpected challenge in terms of fishing the low waters. Many thanks to Kharlovka Company and our guide.

Group PhotoThe group (from left): Alf Sollund (Norway – group leader), Genady Shelayg (Russia, our guide), Martin Olav Moen (Norway), Steinar Simonsen (Norway) and Thor Evensen (Norway).

Something else at Kharlovka

We were a bit nervous about fishing conditions before start. We had heard about very low water, an early spring and a hot summer without major hatches. Our fears were confirmed at arrival at the beautiful camp Dream Kharlovka. During our 9 years at Kola we had never seen this low water level. It had however been some cold weather prior to our arrival, so water temperature was luckily down to 12 degrees C. The trout were present, although not necessarily at the normal places. The lake and big pool necks held fewer, and the rapid water more fish than the previous years.

We adapted to the new conditions, and hand at heart we agreed that this was really an un-expected and brilliant new challenge. After our 9. 8, 4 and 3 trips we had encountered different fishing conditions at Kola, but this was truly something else. The trout was very picky, both at blind and hatch fishing.

Group Photo

Matching the hatch and our new-to-be flyboxes

Note to self after 2013: Tie smaller more realistic patterns and add a lot more swimming pupae in small sizes in a new low-water box.

Group Photo

During daytime we had no major hatches and only the occasion rising trout’s. We could however get the trout to take our dries, but they were extremely hard to hook. It looked like they did not as much take our flies, but rather play with them. We estimated that we at times only hooked one in ten.

As usual there were some intense swimming pupae hatches (or rather drifting?) between 22:00 – 02:00. The trout was at these times concentrated to a few riffles, and these places held mind-boggling numbers of large trout’s. We have during the last years experimented with different pupae and had a better hit-rate than before., but still the luxury problem with combination of small hooks and large trout.


The caddis pupae syndrome

There is a clear correlation between caddis pupae activity and consumed vodka. Seeing two-digit numbers of huge trout’s rising like mad in a 10 meter range without anyone bothering with your fly can make any grown man turn to the vodka.

I’m happy to say that we didn’t consume any vodka this year. In fact I believe we are starting to understand some of the pupae and trout behaviour. It’s really about matching the hatch both in terms of fly pattern and how the fly is fished. We really would love to share our fly patterns, except we won’t :-).

But here is at least a feeble attempt on answering some questions you always have wanted to ask but never dared. Hopefully others can add more knowledge:

  • Colour of fly? Same as the natural
  • Size of the fly? Same as the natural or smaller
  • Rubber or other legs on fly? No
  • Floating? Yes, definitely, even most pupae’s are taken just below surface. Add foam or snowshoe rabbit hairs.
  • Swimming action? No wobbling, in fact most of our was taken dead drift or very slowly retrieved.
  • Long cast? No, no, no, no. Never cast across more than one stream, as it’s too hard to control the fly.


Dream Kharlovka, the best place to be

Dream Kharlokva once again turned out to be one of the top places in the world for dry fly fishing the brown trouts. Our thanks to Kahrlovka company and our excellent guide for once again making the brown trout fishing available. Our guide Genady helped us through the days with his great meals. He is also a very experienced trout flyfisher, a great caster as well as an excellent guide with in-depth knowledge of Russian fishing. We strongly recommend both newbies and more experienced to listen to his advices and hope to meet again soon.