Trout Fishing Week 30B – 2012

Posted on 21/07/2012


We have just come back from another fantastic trip to Kola Peninsula with Kharlovka Company. The group visited Swan camp at Litza and Dream Pool Kharlovka. The group this year consisted of almost the same as last year with one new fisherman. The group consisted of persons that are fishing together in a river in Austria but come from different countries and a group leader from Norway. Here is our group from left: Tom Tuskin (Group Leader), Igor (our Russian guide), Karol Pastucha, Michael Kueppers, Tobias Günther, Jan Varchola and Harald Weidler.

The group arrived in Murmansk with the chartered flight from Helsinki Saturday morning and we all packed into the bus and got ready for the bus trip to Tomani where the chopper will pick us up. Michael Kueppers luggage however did not arrive and was lost somewhere in Helsinki at the airport there. This would have been a crisis if not for the excellent service provided by Kharlovka Company. When we arrived with the chopper at Rhynda camp they were prepared for this and suited Michael up with all state of the art equipment needed for a week at the Tundra. Flies and Rod we all had brought with us spares that he could use during the week so fishing was no problem. I would like to raise a big thank you to Kharlovka Company for providing this excellent service that made it possible for Michi to join the week at the Tundra with us! (His luggage did fortunately show up on the way home at Helsinki Airport)

At last we were on our way to our first camp site at beautiful Swan Litza. We had as usual high expectations and as soon as camp was set we headed to the streams and started fishing.



The first few hours of fishing Saturday night were very fruitful. Since there were no insects on the water and almost no rising fish we had to attract them using larger caddis flies. This worked very well and we managed to land several fish this first day with the biggest ones 3,5, 3,1 and 3,0 kg! The days at Swan gave us a lot of fish which were all taken on dry flies. The biggest at Swan was caught by Harald which was 3,6 kg! Here are some great pictures from the fishing at Swan Camp Litza:




Wading at Swan is usually easy but with a bit high water and with the lack of a wading stick it’s nice to have a buddy to hold on to like Tobi and Michi demonstrate in this picture:


On Tuesday afternoon we were picked up by the helicopter and transferred to Dream Pool Kharlovka. This is an amazing camp site and a great fishing site. We sat up camp and went to fish the streams up and down. The first evening was ok with some very nice trouts caught were I got my biggest for the trip of 3,5 kg!



The next days were spent upstream and downstream of Home Pool. We caught many fish and experienced the wild nature around us. As you can see from the pictures it’s not only the fishing and fish which are beautiful, the scenery and wild nature also gives you unforgettable moments.

We did not experience too much rising fish at Kharlovka either, the group really needed to put in some work to have the fish rising to our dry flies. Occasionally there were some huge trouts jumping out of the water to take a quick look at their surroundings, maybe they saw and understood that there was something going on. But if there was occasionally a fish that raised with their head and tail you were almost certain that it would take your fly if you presented it well. Some big ones were lost during the week due to line breakage which reminds us that these are really strong fighters, remember to use extra strong leader (2x or even 1x!!) they do really give you an unforgettable fight!



Some experiences that we can share from the week to future participants is that you should bring a wading stick since wading conditions can be very difficult (especially at Kharlovka) and it provides you with extra safety. Bring enough Caddis and emerger flies, this is good attraction patterns which made the fish come up even though you have not seen them rising before. Regarding clothes you have to be prepared for warm and cold weather, it changes fast, I rather have a bit too warm sleeping bag than freeze during the night. Bring enough insect repellent and maybe a mosquito net if the bloodsuckers are too eager one day.

All together we caught a lot of fish during the week. Even if we did not experience any hatching of insects we managed to have the trouts raise to our dry flies. Conditions were good all week with at times some wind that might explain why the hatching didn’t start, although I have no actual good explanation since conditions for hatching were excellent (water temperature between 11 – 14 degrees C)! All guys within the group caught fish over 2 kg and we caught even a lot over 3 kg as well. Biggest trout this week was caught by Karol Pastucha who managed to land a beautiful brown trout of 4,5 kg! on dry fly, a fish he will remember the rest of his life. Congratulations again Karol! (This was by coincidence our fish nr 100 over 1 kg this week).



All of us got new unforgettable moments regards to fishing and also with weather and nature sights again! All of us will rise a big thank you to Igor, our Boss at campsite and always there to provide excellent service for us. Thank you to Kharlovka company and the ASR program that makes it possible for us to visit these rivers at The Kola Peninsula and experience the World’s best dry fly fishing for wild brown trout!
See you again next year!



On behalf of the group best regards to everyone

Tom Tuskin (Group Leader)