Trout Fishing Week 29C – 2012

Posted on 14/07/2012

Running Litza – First Knee Litza

trout2012-w29c-01_0Trout Group: Ingar Hvitstein Hansen, Osmund Jensen, Svein Åge Hustuft, Tore Christensen, Leif Erik Larsen and Espen Elvestad (group leader)

The helicopter left us in Running Litza at the evening of the 14th of July. The weather was nice and warm. With midnight sun and calm winds we went up and downstream the first night to get familiar with the river. We were not disappointed. With a little hatching (mostly small caddis) and some fish rising, we all got fish before the end of next day.

Trout Group Photo2

Trout Group Photo3

The day and nights carried on with nice and warm weather with water temperature at 17 degrees celsius. Mosquitos seemed to enjoy the sun too…

Total fish 34 over 1 kilo, 3 above 3 kilos and 2 above 4 kilos. The biggest fish, 4,2 kg, was caught by Ingar. A real beauty…

Trout Group Photo4

Trout Group Photo5

On Tuesday afternoon the helicopter picked us up and set course for First Knee Litza. Now the weather had changed. Fog, rain and strong winds from the north. The water temperature sank down to 10 degrees celsius. With no hatching and no rising we had no other choice than to fish with nymphs and streamer. We lost a hole day of fishing when Thursday was spent in the lavoo, because of strong wind. Luckily the tents handled these winds.

Total fish 37 over 1 kilo, most of them between 2 and 3 kilos.

Trout Group Photo6

Trout Group Photo7

All in all a great week with nice friends. Thanks to Vassily for great food and companionship. And thanks to Kharlovka Company for perfect organizing. We will be back again soon.

Espen Elvestad