Trout Fishing Week 29B – 2012

Posted on 14/07/2012

Big Trout K and Mystic L- Kola 2012, week 29 B

(groupleader: Alekesander Andersen, Ole Petter Elvestad, Ole Hjalmar Gustavsen, Ragnar Jørgensen, Tom Wener Kristiansen and author B.Heiko Heincken)

Nobody knows….it´s the TUNDRA!


In 2008 I was on the Kola Peninsula for trout that also at that time was described as the world’s best trout paradise, and then went to Pina and Wulf. I had little or no faith in me to get in on the Kola peninsula again, but still I got this opportunity and the time of writing it as soon as 24 hours since I came home from an adventure where we fish in the rivers that hide large trouts from 1 kilo and up to 5-6 kilo, yes, at least 4.2 kg! We were 12 fishing buddies who sat together and were drawing lots for the two sets of rivers we were fishing! One set was Running Litza and First Knee, while the second set was the Big Trout Kharlovka and Mystic Litza. Svein Tore, Ingar, Osmund, Espen and Leif Erik was a group and Ole Petter Ole Hjalmar, Alexander, Ragnar, Tom Werner and myself were the second group, which together should experience this, some for the first time, while for others for both time number 2 and 3 My group pulled out Mystic and Big Trout.


On the way from Sandefjord in Norway up we had 1 night in Murmansk and then be transported towards the heliport which is approximately 2.5 hours from Murmansk. Before you came to Murmansk we passed the nickel which many have heard of and I was a little concerned by the sight that met us.


Arriving after a helicopter ride we arrived at Camp Rynda where Kharlovka Company has a large camp for anglers. From here salmon fishermen will be flown out every day to different places, rivers and back again in the evening to enjoy dining. This is also where trout program starts and this is where we load the equipment we will bring into the tundra for the next 6-7 days. Pilots, 24 fishermen and luggage weighs about 2.5 tones which are said not a problem. Helicopters are old Afghanistan helicopter crews who have been out on a winter night before and are very loyal, even if at first sight can make up any second thoughts!


After a long helicopter ride further in, we came to the Big Trout and camp where we would be in 3 days. After a few minutes of rigging tents and fishing gear, we started fishing, but to rush away without listening to Igor who was our cook on this trip where we should go, was too bad! Trees and shrubs that loomed 2-3 meters high made ??this first evening of a walk of a nightmare! When it was done it was covered for the first fish and the number 1 out was Ole Hjalmar that surpassed his personal best. He landed a beautiful trout of 1.5 kg and was very happy! We fished ourselves into the night and for me this was the first time I experienced the midnight sun. Beautiful river flowed down into a sun barely visible above the horizon. Everything was glowing and had a beautiful red-orange color. This is something I really wanted and I got to experience it! Alexander was also started to run fish, but it slipped away. I think we all had a real fish on the evening that led us in bed with a good impression that this would be canon.

Life inside the Tundra based on 5-6 fishermen with guide and chef. Since we were 6 people, was the only chef who joined and was very lucky with our chef named Igor. He has worked for Kharlovka Company for 7 years and had this week we were in, its 54 weeks in a tent on the tundra. 32 year old has good experience of what it takes for the guests and fishermen to enjoy! I personally was very happy with him and what he made for us. Amazing dinners, lunches and of course bread food at evening / night could have been fresher, but it’s not a big problem. Here in Big Trout experienced trout jumping fish that I have never seen before, and even when I was in 2008 either! Huge trout’s that rise likes whales across the major pools and some of the, and some of the fish were not visible, only huge amounts of water that made big waves!

This was of course after the wind had died down completely, and various insects hatched. I contend that some of the fish we saw, guaranteed to be somewhere between 5-6 kilo! The first days in the Kola we woke up to blazing sun at 6:30 and it was a teeming insect life I have not experienced before by mosquitoes and tiny flies. It was not directly knob as we know, the Norwegian knob, but they bet them too! If you forgot to close the tent at night, this was a stupid thing the following morning.
At 8:30 in the morning it was already 21 degrees outside and almost no wind. During the day, came the big heavy clouds with thunderstorms, and we knew it would be weather! With lightning and thunder, we fished through happy days and I let Igor also lend my backup rod to throw a little. He did not like to throw the traditional so he spaycastet longer then one of us just about managed to throw in the wind.

We struggled at times to get the fish to take and it was therefore Igor would try to see if it was fishing that was difficult or if it was the fishermen who cannot throw. He constantly it clear that it was fishing that was more than difficult! The weather was as it was, but still I was lucky to get some great fishing. The biggest thing I got was 2.6 kg. 2.3 kg. and 1.4 kg. which I was happy with, but it still could have been more of! Tom was pretty lucky and got the biggest trout in our group! Tom was filmed by Ole, and this was the correct film to film as he did when the rod (Fenwik) broke when he landed the fish. With the rod tip in its mouth Ole finally managed to help and then weight showed 3.0 kg. There was a happy Tom as the rest of the week was really afraid that others would have bigger fish than he, but it was not! Ole also had an amazing these days! 2 trout’s of 2.7 kg. This was the 3 biggest fish we had in Big Trout Kharlovka!

Ragnar posing in front of the camera easily with 2.5 kg trout was the largest he caught. He already had 2.1 kg in Norway. He´s larges trout’s was 2,2 and 2,5-kilo. He had expected fish into 3 and 4kilos class that was expected, but that was it!

The next day we would move us from Big Trout to Mystic, there was a cloud system that gave us clear signal in weather! Strong winds, rain and thunder were proof that what we had predicted before the trip would occur. From Big Trout Mystic was about 25 km flight and when we landed it was raining!! Strong winds, rain and thunder were proof that what we had predicted before the trip would occur. From Big Trout Mystic was about 25 km flight and when we landed it was raining! After everyone had set up their tents, it was again time for trout fishing. Mystic River was a shorter, but a far more beautiful river and with the hatches, this would be the perfect the river to fish in! Large nice pools and slow flowing river that was not too deep, with large stones. Because the weather now had changed from sun and heat, it was now 8 to 11 degrees outside, we enteritis with heavy fog and strong so that the tents and plugs gave after for the wind. There were few insects at the river, but the fish was still rising in one part. Large trout dancing on the surface after the nymphs and made a good show for us. We tried everything! Everything! We ended up with Igor tried but neither he managed to hook some fish! We asked if it was always just as difficult in this river. He said: That’s why it’s called Mystic!!!

We wondered very much what the trout feeding on! But some fish, were we able to catch! At the top of the river where the water flows in the river, I saw a large trout feeding on the dry fly. Head and tail were all I saw! I decided to put on a large caddis. Beautiful and quiet, in the style of earlier rising this trout rise up and took the fly. A giant jerk and the fish made a run into the water where it did 2-3 jumps in the air and then headed to me. Into the stone setting and the fly line were twisted around a bit before I got control of it again. Funny fishing and weighing 2.3 kg who gave me a optimism again!

A few minutes later it was another fish taking my Caddis. This took the fly striped and somewhat calmer. 1.4 kg resulted. It was not caught many fish in Mystic and it is thanks to the wind and generally a type of weather that blew most away, but still a nice place with many great experiences here too! Some of the pools was chock full of great rising fish that simply could not be fooled by someone imitate wet, dry, streamers or nymphs, but as the host at least gave us enough to think about! A fantastic trip with a great bunch, so it remains only to see where and when the next turn brings me in a similar adventure. I could certainly written a lot more and gone deeper into all the experiences, but also know that Leif Erik Larsen, who was in the second group also comes with a website from this trip and I’ve already seen a video on Youtube where it runs 2,5-kilo trout on a # 3 Splitcanerod built by Jon Are Fagerli, so the last word is probably not written down. Thanks to all who participated and made this a great experience!

And I would like to announce that everyone was very happy with Igor as a cook! You must bring a big thanks to him and his service attitude! Very good!


Heiko Heincken