Trout Fishing Week 28D – 2013

Posted on 12/07/2013

Rynda Mystic

From left: Joakim, Rupert, Jan Erik, Vasillijev, Kjetil (group leader), Marius and Torleiv (sitting) From left: Joakim, Rupert, Jan Erik, Vasillijev, Kjetil (group leader), Marius and Torleiv (sitting)

The tundra adventure started with heavy rain and wind. We had a hard time getting the tents and lavo up. The lower Rynda camp is nice and has a stretch of river just outside the camp. Our English salmon fisher, now dedicated trout boum, Rupert caught the biggest around 2,5 kilos at Rynda.

We took the boat downstream over the lake and fished the river and pools. The river looked really nice with pools and streams, but the trout where hard to find. We had mayfly hatches in Rynda, but little rising fish. The water level was low and the fishing was hard and difficult. Rynda gave us some trout, but the catch was not as expected. We also fished upstream and found some really nice places, but no trout and a lot of wind.

We hoped for better conditions at Mystic, but the river turned out to be very low. We fished the streams with running water the first days and got some nice trout. Joakim got a big one on 2,6 kilos in the stream, and had on an even bigger trout that he lost. We had minor mayfly hatches in Mystic.

Jan Erik and Torleiv found their big trout just outside the camp and tried every dryfly trick in the book to get it. Finally it took a small mayfly, but it slipped away. Marius headed up to the top and got a beautiful 3,5 kilo trout. Rupert saw a rising trout, put on a caddis and got it. Just the setting he had hoped for.

This was the most demanding week I have had on the tundra and conditions were far from optimal at our locations. Still the group members kept fishing and the spirit in the group was amazing. Rupert who came straight from a week of salmon fishing and only 68 years old impressed us with his stamina and eager to fish. Vasillijev made excellent food and contributed to a good spirit.

We got 33 trout over 1 kilo. The biggest trout was 3.5 kilo.

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Torleiv with a nice trout.  Torleiv with a nice trout.

Low water at Mystic. Low water at Mystic.

Marius with his trout.Marius with his trout.

Relaxing at Rynda.Relaxing at Rynda.