Trout Fishing Week 28 – 2012

Posted on 07/07/2012

This year our group was a mix of swiss (2) and norwegian (4) flyfishers.

Both Michael and Marco (CH) traveled directly from Switzerland to Murmansk, while we (the norwegians) traveled via Kirkenes to Murmansk in bus. Most of the group members were Kola-rookies and of course full of expectations.

Marco & Michael from SwitzerlandMarco & Michael from Switzerland

The norwegians arrived at Murmansk on friday 6th of july by bus and stayed at Hotel Meridian where all the trout fishers leaving and arriving Kola stay. The bus trip from Kirkenes to Murmansk takes about 3,5 hours so we had plenty of time to load our expectations. It is always useful to get the latest news from arriving fishermen and maybe meet some old fishing pals. What about the weather? Hatching conditions? Fishing in general etc. etc. The catches varied between 70 to 130 fishes for different in coming groups.

On saturday 7th of july our bus picked us up together with the other groups and we headed out for the helibase, normally a 2,5 hours drive east of Murmansk towards the small village Tummanyy (Could be found on Google maps).

After helicopter departure we made a flight of some 20 min and arrived at Rynda camp. This is the base for Kharlovka company, the guides and the salmon fishermen. As normal our fishing equipment was disinfected, we got our provisions and tents.

trout2012-w28-02Provisions at Rynda Camp


Our first camp was Oset. Oset is the lowest trout camp in the Kharlovka river and Kharlovka is known to give large trout but also salmon later in the season. For those of you that have seen the movie “Ørreteldorado”, parts of this film is shot at Oset.

During our 3 days stay on Oset we had various weather. Wind seemed to change more than twice every day, so did the temperature, weather and hatching conditions.

We split the group in 2 and fished from both sides of the river working our way upstream. We expected mayfly hatches, but did not have any significant hatching – only occasional. We got a creepy feeling that the main hatching period was over thus we saw a lot of spinners (aurivilli) in the air but also smaller rhodanies.



Midnight sun at homepool Oset

Still trout was rising, waving with their dorsal- and tailfins. Probably on the occasional hatching mayflies but also caddis that had started to hatch.

trout2012-w28-01Yenn with trout

To sum up Oset: All the group members got their Kharlovka trout. Yenn caught his personal best in Homepool, a nice one of 3,2 kg. We ended up with with 41 trouts above 1 kg. Average weight was 1,5 kg.


After 3 days in Oset we were picked up by the helicopter and taken to our new camp First Knee in Eastern Litza.

By arrival we saw several rising trouts on the delta witch were quite shallow. We had optimistic stories from our guide Vasilliev who claimed that one fisherman caught 45 trouts on this spot last year just outside the camp. So we started our fishing there. We figured out that by wading the delta, trout could easily be spooked. So our slogan was: “Wade – but not invade”.

trout2012-w28-06Marco with his 2,7 kg

trout2012-w28-07Knut with his 2,6 kg

After the first day some group members moved downstream and found a hotspot on the neck out of the lake downstream First Knee. Lots of big rocks and slow moving water. Evening seemed to be quite good, with calm wind and warm conditions. We even had some rising trout on hatching mayflies.


trout2012-w28-08Michael at the neck downstream First Knee

The following day started out quite nice with warm, calm and sunny weather. All group members worked their way downstream. We crossed the river with the rubber-boat to avoid scaring trout on the delta. Vetle and I used several hours on the first 2 km downstream on the opposite riverside. We caught a number of fish both on the fly and with video camera. Vetle caught a nice trout on 3,1 kg. The take, outrun and relief when the trout was netted was immortalized on video :-)

trout2012-w28-02Vetle with his 3,1 kg

trout2012-w28-02Vetle & trout

Towards the evening we had a change in weather with more windy conditions. During the nighttime we had more wind, rain and a temperature drop.

Next day most of the group worked their way upstream. I walked 3-4 km upstream from our camp and found a nice neck out of a bigger lake. This resulted in a new personal record 4,3 kg on streaking caddis.

trout2012-w28-02Trond with 4,3 kg

FIRST KNEE SUM UP: We landed 50 trouts, there average weight was 1,8 kg.

Totally our group landed 91 trouts on both camps. 23 trouts between 2-3 kg, 4 trouts between 3-4 kg and 1 trout more than 4 kg.

Marco, Michael, Trond, Yenn, Knut & VetleMarco, Michael, Trond, Yenn, Knut & Vetle

Best regards & Tight lines

Trond Kjærstad