Trout Fishing Week 27C – 2013

Posted on 05/07/2013

Rynda and Swan, Litsa

Members of the group: Kjetil J, Sigurd J, Lars G, Roar K, Edvard B, Kjell S. Vasily guide.Members of the group: Kjetil J, Sigurd J, Lars G, Roar K, Edvard B, Kjell S. Vasily guide.

The weather was still hot when we arrived at lake Torosman on the Rynda river. Water temperature was 16.5 degrees. We had some hatching the first night, mainly caddis. The fishing was quite good and Lars being here for the first time caught a nice one on 2.8 kg. The temperature in the river was a bit colder than in Kharlovka but within 2 days we reached 20 degrees in the water and fishing got more difficult. Air temperature on Monday was 33 degrees and the sun stayed up all night. The trick was of course too put your tent in between the trees to find some shadow and not to bother about the bugs!



We had some good dry fly fishing at midnight and for some short periods we had some really good hatching but did not always figure out what insect! In all we caught some 36 fish in Rynda.

Arriving Swan was a little disappointing. The temperature in the water was 21.5 and there was little water in the river. I have never seen the river Litsa with so little water in it. At the end of the week the temperature dropped to 19 degrees and fishing improved, but we saw close to none wakes. We managed to catch 21 fish at Swan, 57 all together. All taken on dry flies! Many above 2 kg. One on 3kg. Thanks to Vasily for excellent food! As always!



Kjell Sømme

Group leader