Trout Fishing Report Week 34a – 2015

Posted on 20/10/2015

Group picture

Back row from the left: Bård, Karsten, Kurt, Ole, Monrad, Andre.
Front row from the left: Rune, Gena.

After having visited the arctic tundra for 12 years my favorite period of time has become mid to late august. Catches are always good, the weather normally very stable and water levels perfect. This year turned out to be the best ever. Not necessarily regarding catches, we caught 70 fish from 1 kg up to 4.3 kg, but the total experience. Warm days with cool nights kept the water temperature around perfect 12 degrees, and day air temperature above 20. No precipitation and calm winds almost every day. This is certainly nothing to expect visiting the arctic tundra.

Andre 2,4 kg

Andre 2,4 kg.

Since a lot of big salmons were occupying Oset and Dream Kharlovka we were advised by Nikolay or «Kola» to go to Wulfs Lear. Anyone that knows Nikolay would never ignore his advice. Neither did we. Just minutes after landing in Wulf, we saw the first trout rising in Home pool. During the week we saw rising fish every day both in Wulfs and Second Knee, and we managed to catch 34 fish on dry flies. The warm weather gave both mayflies and caddis hatches .

Karsten 4,3 kg

Karsten 4,3 kg.

Rune 3,3 kg

Rune 3,3 kg.

Rune netting

Rune netting.

As always Wulfs Lear delivered huge trouts. Karsten «Trophy» Kjoss landed a 4,3 kg Kharlovka trout the first evening. That turned out to be the largest trout during the week. The biggest trouts were tricked by streamers like Wooly Bugger, Kola killer and Sunray shadow, but Rune managed to convince a steady rising 3,3 kg with a Super Puppa. Monrad caught a 2,6 Litza trout feeding on mayflies with a comparadun, and several other fish above 2 kg was caught with imitation flies on rising fish.

Monrad 3,3 kg

Monrad 3,3 kg.

It is interesting to observe the difference in behavior between trouts in upper Kharlovka and lower Litza. Fat Kharlovka trouts may be impressivee in size, but nothing can match the fight of a GT trout from lower Litza. Several 3 kg Litza trouts pulled us 2-300 meter down the river, and gave us fights that lasted for 10-15 minutes. Just like fighting new run salmon. Incredible powerful trouts.

Kurt 3 kg

Kurt 3 kg.

First and Second knee is certainly beats with a huge number of trouts. Overlooking one beat in lower First knee an afternoon from a high bank with the sun in our back, showed us why this beat once gave us 30 fish in less than 24 hours the same week a couple of years ago. Hundreds of spots for trout to hide and feed!!! Unfortunately this year the water level was a little bit to low for this beat, but after searching the lower and slower water running into a small lake, we landed a handful of nice trouts.

Andre first knee

Andre First knee.

The lowest part of Second knee is also a beat that has to be fished well in late august. The warm weather gave us surface activity with mayfly hatches during daytime, and spinners in the evenings.



Despite of how it might look, second knee is possible to wade and fish almost everywhere. This gives you a lot of fishable area. Highly appreciated by Bård who was the first to take advantage of «wide area wading» tactic.



Ole also enjoyed second knee. Having fished mostly in lakes there was a lot of new things to learn. And he certainly did. He managed to catch several very big trouts, but fighting them in running water is different. Unfortunately he lost the big ones but had a lot of very exciting fights and great experiences.

evening 2 knee

Evening 2 knee.

The scenery in lower Litza is incredible and the sunsets breathtaking. Camp sites are perfect and walking is easy. What more can you ask for? Litza forever!!!

Nice wx in 2 knee

Nice wx in 2 knee.

We also had a great experience with arctic char in the lake by the old sami house at First knee. As we approached the lake we saw char feeding in a small laguna. Arctic char caught in shallow water will give you an incredible fight. Instant full speed and with amazing power, almost like a Bonefish!!

That night Gena served a 4 course dinner. Sushi from arctic char, Boiled char, soup and pasta. Overall Gena did a superb job during the whole week, and also gave us excellent entertainment with his guitar in the evenings with Ukraine and Russian folksongs. Thank you very much Gena. We look forward to seeing you again next year.

Andre 2,3 kg

Andre 2,3 kg.