Trout Fishing Report Week 33a – 2015

Posted on 19/10/2015

Once again we were going to visit our dream world in the Russian tundra. This time we were going into the rivers, Mystic and Dream Kharlowka. The expectations was as usual very high, and we would not be disappointed, this time either.

Mystic is a river we knew very little about, and we did not manage to get any specific information on this river ahead. Our chef and guide however, Gena, had knowledge about most of the things there, and he gave us a quick introduction.

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group picture week 33a trout

One happy family! From the left: Gena, Tore, Sven, Nikander, Torbjørn, Ståle, Jan

We fished mostly in the upper part of the river, which had many great pools. The start of the river may seem rather narrow, with strong power, but there were many great trout’s in this part of the river. The largest trout was taken here, and weighed about 3.5 kg.

By the end of the river we tried only a few times, but we finished fishing rather quickly here. That being said, it has a nice power part into the lake, and there were some nice fishes here.

The water level was normal in the river, and the weather was almost too good. It seems like we had brought with us the tropical heat of southern Norway all the way in to the tundra, so there was nothing to say on the bath temperatures.


Great nights in the camp, but a lot of mosquito.


Summer in full bloom at the tundra.

There was no hatching of any kind, so we used mostly caddis, but the grassmare was also very effective.

Dream Kharlovka need no introduction, this is all trout-fishermen’s wet dream. Pool after pool, with trout, willing to bite. The only place we struggled to get fish, where in the aquarium, and we took only three trout’s there. What I’ve heard, we were not the only ones who had struggled to get fish there.



Finally we got a nice trout in the aquarium.

The upper part of the river is the home for the big trout’s. We got lot of fish there, but we were unfortunately unable to land the biggest, rarely have we lost so many large trout’s. The warm weather continued here, and a bath was needed to cool down some overheated bodies.

We could fished significantly more on this trip, but excessive heat caused that we were a bit saggy. However, it was a great holiday and we got all the fish we needed. We are already looking forward to the next trip.


A happy father and son moment. This is what we dream about.

All in all, a total of 55 beautiful trout’s with an average weight of 2 kg.

Thanks to Kharlovka company and especially to Olga at Pasvikturist. This was my first trip as a groupleader, but with such good and helpful people this was very easy.

Thanks again for your great service. Dear beautiful and exciting tundra, far to the north, we see you again soon.

Written by group leader
Sven Rudi Hansen


Tore Hansen. He is the casting man. Here with a beautiful trout from Mystic.


Jan Iver Hansen. The one and only fisherman, and always an optimist.


Torbjørn Johansen. The Hedonistic trout fisher. Never says no to a trip.


Ståle Mikkelsen. Jan’s son in law. First timer in troutfishing, who would love to return to Kola again.


Rolf Nikander Hansen. The true flyfisher. Most likely to travel to Kola as often as he can, for the rest of his life.


Sven Rudi Hansen. The groupleder. Very pleased with the trip, everything went smooth. (and Kurt, as you can see, still wearing his Rappala caps)


Thank you for the fight!