Trout Fishing Report Week 30a – 2015

Posted on 02/08/2015

Scones and Swan
Christopher Rownes Group Leader

The group consisted of Remo Lemp, Stefan Jansen, Thomas Duerkop, Andre Pierre Müller, Michael Kautzschmann and Christopher Rownes (Group Leader).

Murmansk charged and ready to go!



We arrived safe and sound in Camp Rynda and disinfected our gear, a great high when we found out Igor my good friend would be our Cook/ Guide for the week.



We landed in Scones in good weather set up camp quick and set out in 3 groups.


When we got back to camp in the evening there was great excitement of fish caught and lost, both caddis and mayflies where hatching but the rises where very difficult to detect and you had to really look hard for noses that just broke the surface.




Next morning we woke early and set of again in groups, we started to get into the groove and some nice fish where caught.

Thomas landed a trout of 3.5 kilos on a big dry fly called Fat Albert in the home pool.




Sami Cabin delivered some really good fish and after 2 days of trying I caught a beautiful fish that had be rising sporadically. When that fish took a fly from the surface it was a real head and tail rise and took your breath away. It eventually took a size 14 CDC Caddis, 3 kilos of pure wild trout.





We flew into Swan and living up to its name 5 swans on the lake watched as we landed.
What a beautiful place!!!!!! A trout fisheres dream !
Never before had my group fished with a herd of wild reindeer watching them from the bank.


Pure nature!
We set up camp and Igor made up his kitchen in a Sami hut which turned out to be really great for our meals and a haven to dry clothes.


The water level in Swan was perfect.
I had heard lots about Swan and it really is a dream to fish with thousands of small runs and glides and perfect places beside and behind boulders.






We had mayfly hatches during the day in sporadic intervals indicated by the turns.
We where hoping to see a really big hatch but for some reason despite perfect weather the fish seemed reluctant to rise.
Never the less we fished all the likely looking spots with dry flies and the fish took our flies with heart stopping rises.
The real challenge was to achieve a really long drag free drift down the pool into the neck and then to keep cool as you saw an enormous mouth engulf your dry fly.
The fish rise in such a relaxed manner it just blows you away.


The images of these fantastic fish rising to our flies will be with us in our minds during the winter for sure.



Thomas fished a Petitjen streamer 174 magic head in the morning when nothing was rising and that streamer proved to be amazing and caught 6 fish over 3 kilos in 2 days.




We caught a total number of 87 fish above 1 kg, many over 2 kilos,10 above 3 kg and the biggest 3.5 kilos.


A fantastic weeks fishing with some amazing fish caught and lost.
Happy faces all round with 3 of our group catching a personal best trout.
The star of the week was without doubt Igor our chef and guide with his fantastic humor, great cooking, amazing Borscht and legendary tundra sandwiches.
Big thanks to the Kharlovka company for the perfect organisation and the ASR programme that allows us to visit these beautiful rivers.
Without doubt the world’s best dry fly fishing for wild brown trout!


On behalf of my group best regards to everyone at Kharlovka.

See you next year
Group Leader
Chris Rownes