Trout Fishing Report Week 29a – 2015

Posted on 01/08/2015

Mystic 11-14.juli 2015

6 fly fishers from southernmost part of Norway arrived at Murmansk 10.july and we had some very optimistic reports from the incoming groups. Big fish, good catch but cold weather.

Our first camp Mystic gave us rain and fresh breeze from the north every day. During our stay we measured air temperature 6 gr C and water temperature 9 gr C. Mayflies hatched during mid day 13-15 and occasional caddis hatch. Terns and waders showed us when and where.


We ended up with 31 fishes, and the biggest was 2.8 kg. According to our guide Gena, the water level was slightly above normal. During the last couple of hours in Mystic we had a glimpse of what this part of the river could offer. We had a very good mayfly hatch right before pick up by the helicopter, from approximately at 14 to 16. Then of course our rods was sadly packed down.

We could watch a amazing amount of fish that were rising. Tail fins everywhere in “Aquarium”.



Dream Kharlovka 14-18.july
Fresh breeze from NW. Rain occasionally. 9.6 g C in water and 9 g C in air. The wind turned west 15.july. Still cloudy. We experienced sparse hatching of mayflies in size #14 and #12 (baetis and dalecarlica?). Some darker caddisflies in #10.
Thursday the wind slowed down and the heat came. Together with warmer air the caddis flies started to hatch. During Friday we experienced both mayfly and caddis hatch. We had warm and calm weather until the afternoon. The biggest caddis flies started to hatch and gave surface activity.

On days with slow fishing Skater-flies, black with foxtail tail was “the shit». Larger trouts took them quite hard. 3 of 5 big trout were taken on skater flies.



We ended on 83 fish. The 5 biggest fish were 4,6 – 4,2 – 3,7 – 3,2 – 3,1.




This years group: Andreas Tønnesen Rasmussen, Michael Tønnesen, Knut Reinert Skåre, Virakbott Yenn, Tom Ågedal and Trond Kjærstad (Group leader).

I wish to thank our guide Gena for excellent food and good spirit. See you next year.