Trout Fishing Report Week 28a – 2015

Posted on 01/08/2015

Bush – Wulfs
The group consisted of Torleiv Grøndalen, Jan Erik Lund, Thor Erik Fostveit, Ole-Morten Pettersen, Håvard Martinussen and Kjetil Hvarnes (group Leader).


Camp at Wulfs.

We landed in Bush in cold weather and wind from the north. We experienced hailstorm, strong wind and very cold nights in Bush. The Trout did not seem to take notice of the conditions and we saw rising trout and landed trout the first evening at Bush. The water level in Bush was as good as it gets. We had mayfly hatches during the day at sporadic intervals. Terns showed us when a hatch was on and not long after rising trout feeding on mayfly emerges. Ole-Morten managed catch and release of a tern as well. Impressive! Rising trout responded well to emerges, duns and other surface imitations that where presented. During our stay in Bush we had hatching of Sulphur, Baetis, Aurivilli and some caddis. We landed about 56 trout in Bush, biggest 3.1, 3.3, 4.0 and 4.1

The rods where tested.







In Wulfs we continued to have the same conditions as in Bush with mayfly hatches and some caddis. No svimmingpuppa in numbers that we saw during our stay. Generally, we had good fishing during day and evening. We also did some blind fishing on usual hotspots in Wulfs and the trout was present and took our imitations.

Wednesday the heat where turned on for one day and we had a true midnight tundra experience.
All group members beat their personal best at this trip and we got some amazing trout.
With ten trout over 3 kilo, four over 4 kilo and two over 5 kilo. Amazing!
We fished with imitations like E-12, renafly, animal, streaking caddis, mayfly emerges ,mayfly duns, tjernobyl ant, kola killer and various floating imitations.


Jan Erik with his fantastic 5,5 kilo trout.


Kjetil with 4,1 kilo trout


Håvard with his stunning 5,0 kilo trout


Ole-Morten with his 4.4 kilo trout.


Torleiv with a tundra gold. He took a very fat 4,7 kilo trout in Wulf


Thor Erik with his 3.5 kilo trout.

On Thursday, I had an accident, broke my ankle two places, and broke a bone below the knee when we were going through some bush out to the river at Wulfs. It hurt like hell and I knew the trip was over for my part. The helicopter came and picked me up and eventually I found my way back to Norway for an operation. Thank you Kharlovka company for the service involved with my accident.
One word of advice is please go two in pairs when out by the rivers. As a bonus, you get great pictures as well.



Special thanks to Gena who took care of everything and made great food. Always happy and serviceminded.
In total we got 108 trout over 1 kilo and the group where all very happy with the week on the tundra.
What an amazing place when conditions are right.


from left Ole-Morten Pettersen, Thor Erik Fostveit, Torleiv Grøndalen, Gena(guide/chef), Jan Erik Lund and Håvard Martinussen. Missing in action: Kjetil Hvarnes (group leader)

Until next time!