Trout Fishing Report Week 27C – 2015

Posted on 19/07/2015


Members of the group were: Anders Bergesen,  Erik Setekleiv,  Edvard Bergene, Kjell Arnesen, Bjørn Vegheim and Kjell Sømme. Russian guide: Vasha

We had a great start at Scones where some personal records were broken. Every member of the group caught fish above 3 kgs. In all we caught 65 fish in 2 days. The average weight well above 2 kgs. We had some mayfly hatching and some caddies as well. Water temp was 14 °C. Some fish were caught  downstream,  across the lake.




The expectations sere high as we arrived Swan. We had good fishing the first night and the following morning. Then the north wind set in,  and the the hatching insects declined in numbers. Still the fishing were fairly good and we caugth some really nice fish. The biggest was a nice one caugth by Kjell Arnesen of 4.1 kgs on his maiden trip to Kola. His former personal record was 2.1kgs!


In all we had a great week, good fishing and wilderness experience. We were all fortunate to see a brown bear running up the hill as we were waiting for the helicopter to pick us up the final night.


What an end to a great week in the wilderness!
Kjell Sømme