Trout Fishing Report 8b – 2019

Posted on 03/09/2019


from left: Kjetil Hvarnes (group leader), Jan Erik Lund, André Aubert, Nikolai (camp chef), Hans-Christoffer Meyer, Håvard Martiussen

We were at Wulf’s the hole week. The weather on Saturday was cold and windy and continued with more wind the first half of the week. Water temperature around 10 degrees. We all caught trout on Saturday and the spirit of the group was good.

As the week progressed, we came to realize that we had to search for the trout in each pool or rapid. We were in contact with trout all week but not in the number expected and this time I think we missed quite a few compared to other years. The tailout at home pool was unusually quiet. Maybe there was a salmon or two occupying the hot spots? We adapted to the conditions and fished as much as possible. Mostly with foam flies and streamers. Stripping across stream, stripping downstream, stripping upstream and dead drift. We got fish on all variants. Do not forget to fish close to the river bank first and then progress your fishing out in the river. We caught fish very close to the river bank in the small streams/current from rocks. And do not forget to fish the rapids. Hans got a beautiful 3,6 trout in the rapids leading down to the big lake downstream camp. There are some nice defined pools in the rapids there. The fish seems to be more active after 12 with a peak around 3-4 a ‘clock in the afternoon. Around that time, we also experienced some mayfly and caddis hatches. The trout’s were active in that period and we had rising fish. Mostly for pupa’s. Later on, it was possible to fish on an occasional “cleaner” in the back pools/eddies. André and Håvard took a trip (about 1,5 hour walk) to Big trout one day and got some nice action, but conditions where same as in Wulf’s.
In total we got 52 trout’s over 1 kg, 12 over 3 kg and 2 over 4 kilos. Biggest was taken by André at 4,5 kilos and then Hans with his 4 kilo trout. Well done for the first timers.


André with his 4,5 kilo trout. Happy Flyfisher


Hans with his 4 kilo trout


Håvard with a nice one at around 3,7 kilos


Jan Erik with a nice one. Pure tundra happiness in that face

Kjetil with tundra gold

We saw lots of reindeer, reindeer tracks and poop by the river and the inevitable had to happen…. the mama bear situation.
André, Håvard and Hans got a close encounter with mama bear, two cubs and a reindeer carcass at the top of Wulf’s, by the lake. Not a good situation at all. They were going through the bushes leading out to the islands on top of Wulf’s. Then they saw violent shaking of the bushes maybe 25-30 meters ahead and mama bear appeared on two legs. Luckily both parties decided on the same strategy and that was to run in separate directions. I think the next time we will take with us signal flare or similar equipment


The pool below was named bear pool and we had some good fishing there. Håvard and Hans got trout at the same time and the same weight, 2,8 kg. what a show!!


The wind decreased as the week progressed and more and more caddis appeared. The last evening, we started to see the big caddis emerge
Huge thanks to Nikolai who made excellent food and kept the camp in order. That is so important on a trip like this. Coming in to a warm lavo, with hot soup and beef stew after a long and cold day in the river is priceless.
And the logistic and organization by Kharlovka went smooth as always.
See you soon.












Kjetil Hvarnes
Group Leader