Trout Fishing Report 8B – 2017

Posted on 28/08/2017

First Knee Litza, Dream pool Kharlovka

Our group arrived to Rynda camp as usual and the members were 100% motivated for the week to come.


The fishing week started with cold northern wind and almost no rising fish. Despite the cold weather, the moskitos were eager at work, catching up with the late spring.


From left, Kola (our guide), Lars Gunnar Haug, Tor-Erik Aasen, Arve Lindberg (Group leader), Narve Nilsen and Edvard Bergene

The group members were a pack hard of working boys, and we did catch a number of 44 trout during the stay in First Knee.
A surprising high number was caught on caddis. At least one of us had to tell the wife that he had developet a close and warm relationship with Madam-X when returning home.The river temperature was 10-11 degrees and we did`t see much rising. Anyway, the water level was a little higher than normal summer level and the conditions were not to bad.
The largest trout in this first half was 4 kilo.


Narve with nice trout (3,7 kg) taken minutes after starting fishing at Second Knee.


Arve with nice trout.

After several trips to this rivers, you may take good fishing for granted. However, we have learned that creativity and hard work is needed to have a succesful week on the tundra when the conditions are tough and changing day by day.

There are an old English saying: «Everyone can catch a salmon, but it takes a fisherman to catch a trout»
No comments on this!


Tor-Erik netting a trout.


Edvard netting a trout.


Fish stories being told at night.

We moved to Kharlovka Thuesday evening, with warmer air and river temperatur 14 degrees. We also received an optimistic forecast for the next days.

In the «aquarium» just downstream of the camp we encountered «pupa-fiest» one of the days, but we did not manage to present the right imitation. This was going on for just an hour, but it`s still a spectacular event with a large number of big trout rising within short casting distance.



We struggled to locate rising fish and had to rely on streamers some periods of the day, but it payed to be patient looking out for rising fish. There are nothing like a dryfly take by a big trout!

The weather conditions this second half of our week was quite pleasent for fishing, som periods with sun, then cloudy, some rainshowers, as well as periods with temperature between 16-20 degrees C.


Misty night over Kharlovka.


Lars Gunnar with a nice fish


Tor-Erik with a nice trout

The total catch ended at 83 trout and the biggest fish turned 4,3 kg. We had 13 fish larger than 3 kg.
Everyone broke the 3 kg limit.

Kola, our eminent chef and camp manager served us Pike for dinner one of these days and it tasted better than anticipated.

Arve Lindberg
Group Leader