Trout Fishing Report 7b – 2019

Posted on 24/09/2019

Pina river 27th of July to 3rd of August 2019
Just came back home from another great trip at the Tundra!
This year we were only 4 fishermen. 4 fishermen, but with 25 weeks Tundra experience. And this particular week we needed all the Tundra experience we could get. Because this week had one of the roughest conditions I have experienced in my 12 years on the Russian Tundra. I think all of us gained a little bit more Tundra toughness after this week which I’m sure will come in handy later.


My group consisted of from the left Alex, Igor (Chief Camp Officer), Magnus Svendsson, Helge Olsen, Roy Refsnes. Front Eivind Hagen (group leader)

And to the report itself:
But it all started off nicely. The groups who were in a week before us had nice weather and we were hoping for the best. Packing the helicopter in record speed.


Always a pleasure packing the helicopter. In just a few hours we will be on the Tundra looking for monster trouts

When we came to Pina on Saturday late afternoon we arrived to perfect condition. It was 12 degrees, not much wind, perfect water level and 11 degrees in the water.


Pina camp is located on the brink of a canyon. One of the most idyllic camps in the program

After making our camp I went upstream and on my second cast I caught a fat 4 kilo trout on a small cdc caddis. We had great fishing the first 24 hours and caught 17 trouts. After a delicious dinner and a couple of vodka’s to celebrate we all thought the great fishing would last.


Me with a nice 4 kilo’s taken on a small CDC caddis fished dead drift just 200 meters upstream camp


Magnus with a nice 2 kilo trout taken on his usual black skater

The next day everything changed. The strong northern wind changed the Tundra completely. At peak we had 90kkph (25m/s) northern wind, 2 degrees and rain. And Pina has no shelter. It is a canyon with no trees and it transformed itself into a massive wind tunnel. Imagine standing up in a convertible driving in 90kph trying to cast with a flyrod That is what it felt like.


A release of a nice 4 kilo trout #letemgosotheycangrow

But the wind was not our worst enemy this week – maybe what worsened our conditions more was the shallow lake upstream Pina. In the heavy wind the lake grubbed the mud around as a washing machine making the water dirty. We had perhaps just 50 cm sight in the river due to this. It became difficult for the trout to see our dry fly’s and we had to try with intermediate and different sinking lines to get our flies in the sight of the fish.


A lucky shot, the rainbow was there for 2 minutes before the usual northern wind took over and the rain and fog came back. But this is how Pina typically look like. Amazing river!
On Tuesday we were supposed to move camp to Second Knee in Litza, but the weather conditions were so bad with 23m/s northern wind so we decided not to move camp due to safety and we were worried that the tent poles in the Tentipi’s would break. We decided to stay at Pina. Thinking back we could have got more shelter for the wind in Litza, the water would be cleaner and the fishing maybe better. But the decision felt right when we discussed with Igor, Alex and the rest of the group.

ROY 33

Roy with a nice 3,3 kilo trout caught upstream. Roy also lost a huge trout, probably 5-6 kilo on a Skater the day before


Helge with a fat 3.7 kilo trout taken on dead drift dry fly on the upper Pina tail. He also caught a 3 kilo trout on the next cast on the same tail. It pays off to do long walks on the Tundra

The good thing though was that we didn’t see a single mosquito and the beer was nice and cold during the whole week


Magnus with his new personal record. A great 4 kilo trout who went up to the surface for his black Skater

ME 31

This hat kept the storm away. Here is a nice 3,1 kilo trout I took on zonker

So despite the difficult conditions and with 4 fishermen we managed to get a descent result and we managed to enjoy the tough conditions!
i. 2 trouts above 4 kilo!
ii. All group members got a +3 kilo trophy trout!
iii. We got 8 fish above 3 kilo!
iv. 1 out of 4 members of the group got new personal records! First 3.7 and then 4.0 kilo!


Due to the conditions I was armored with both floating line and intermediate line. I first fished the pools with dry fly before I loaded with more heavy ammunition

Igor managed our camp in a brilliant way with good assistance from Alex. The food was excellent and despite the weather they were always in really good mood. Always a pleasure being around these guys.


The colors on the Pina trout are just amazing


We were surrounded by reindeers the whole week

All in all we had a great visit to the Tundra A truly amazing experience with good company and we tapped into the potential of world class trout fishing! Where in the world can you get dry fly fishing for wild brown trout better than this?


A good flyfisher rests when he can


It’s was an amazing experience to get to know these eagle toddlers

I’m really grateful to be part of the trout program, it’s such an enriching experience on so many levels. Big thanks to the ASR, Kharlovka and Igor! I must admit after just a few days in civilization I already miss the Tundra… and I’m very much looking forward to next year!

Tight Lines,
Eivind Hagen


The tail below The bus was the most productive tail for large trouts during our week. We got two trouts above 4 kilo here. We named this ‘secret’ place ‘The creek’ #onlylegendswillunderstand