Trout Fishing Report 7B – 2017

Posted on 20/08/2017

Week 30 - Santana.

We started at Running. After the first few hours, all the groupmembers sat personal records. The biggest fish was 3,5 kg. There was little activity at the surface, and not so many fish were rising. But we still managed to catch 32 fish during the day we were there. We took an atfernoon trip to Sami Kitchen where we managed to catch 5 fish; the biggest 2,5 kg.

Picture 1
Mirsad Agalic; 2,9 kg. May Fly 14

Picture 2

Per Chr Eggen; 2,4 kg. Tsjernobyl Ant

The next camp was Second Knee. The first day we arrived the fishing was not so willing to bite; maybe because of the cold north wind and rain. During the next days the weather turned to the better, and the fish started to bite. However the fish was not active at the surface because of no hatching. We still managed to catch 30 fish; the biggest 5 kg. We had to leave the camp one day earlier because of the fog.

Picture 3

Morten Lyngås; 2,8 kg. Caddis

Picture 4

Geir Øverby; 3,3 kg. Caddis

Picture 5

Morten Ødegård; 2,7 kg. Caddis

Picture 6

Joaquin Santana; 5 kg 74 cm. Caddis

Picture 7

Joaquin Santana; 5 kg 74 cm. Caddis

PS: We fish to thank Igor for the fantastic food ☺