Trout Fishing Report 6b – 2019

Posted on 06/08/2019

The year 2019 at Kola peninsula is characterized by the prolonged cold weather conditions. Due to that circumstance Tundra life shows a delay of nearly 3-4 weeks in comparison to the years before.
Nevertheless our group 6B consisting of BenjaminW., Benjamin A., Joel, Rafael, Andreas and Christoph (groupleader) arrived at Wulf Kharlovka just in time when stable warmer weather gained the upper hand.


Group 6B

The week before strong rain had rosen the waterlevel rapidly but while staying at the classic campsite on the gravel bank at Wulf`s homepool the level diminished day by day to normal conditions. Corresponding the fishing was subjected to substantial changes throughout the week. Whereas in the beginning the big trouts lied in wait for our flies around the bigs rocks or just in the beginning of the tail later they took place deeper in the tail`s V when the pressure of the current got lower. There were no big hatches but we saw rising fish occasionally which subsequently took the presented fly with confidence. Best pattern revealed to be small foamflies with rubberlegs which represent a nearly perfect imitation of the big caddis running on the surface of the pools sporadically. The trout were focussed on these protein bombs and showed aggressive takes rising from the deep or following the fly like a submarine. Similar well did the classic skaters (attractor flies like Tschernobyl ant p.e.). Big Goddard caddis and some mayfly-patterns have been successful too.


Benjamin W.





So I could take revenge for being defeated two years ago by catching a 4,5 kg trout just in front of the rocks opposite the camp`s V. This trout revealed its presence by taking a big mayfly 10 cm beside the rock and couldn`t resist the corresponding pattern presented few minutes later after jumping into the waders which had been hung up to dry between the tents.



Andreas, one of the Tundra rookies managed to hook the first trout of the trip with the first casts in the homepool. He was able to increase his personal best several times and finally highlighted his adventure with a mindblowing beast of 4,5 kg. Hard for him to beat this record the next years…



Bejamin fighted the week`s best fish of 4,8 kg with all pitfalls following the running steam train over the rapids, desperate after loosing contact when the fish changed direction and finally yelling a scream of triumph when netting it with the help of Joel.


Benjamin A.

The trouts were spread uneven along the tails. Some spots produced more than ten fish for the group. In total we caught 95 trouts. Avarage weight was 2,69 kg (!) indicating the memorable high number of outstanding trophy fish. Finally we were able to net 11 levithians over 4kg ( biggest three 4,8kg and two times 4,75kg). Nearly all fish were seducd by dryfly. Even on the last day, which we thought to be dedicated for streamer fishing, nobody changed strategy because of the amazing dryfly action.



The price for the overwhelming experience was an intensive wear and tear with regard to the fishing gear. One broken rod, one compromised reel, two broken wading sticks, two broken polarization lenses, several leaking waders, one backpack out of order, one flybox lost, one paddle of the rubber boat broken and so on and so forth… Gena our ingenious chef managed to keep it going by smart improvisation. Moreover a man doped with his soups never stops walking despite demanding scrubs, slippery rocks and bloodsucking mosquitos. Thank you so much Gena!


Camp Wulf

In summary dreams came true in Wulf this year and all of us hoped this story of success would never end. Everyone set his new personal best. Small wonder there is nobody who didn´t make up his mind to get back to the northern rivers of the ASR as soon as possible.
Big compliments and gratitude to the whole team of the ASR and to Carsten Dogs of pukka destinations. See you next year again!

Christoph Zimmermann (groupleader)


“without words”!


“without words”!