Trout Fishing Report 5c – 2019

Posted on 06/08/2019

Trophy Trout 2019 Pina Group 5C

This year`s Tundra adventure was characterized not only by tremendous brown trout levithians but by the struggle against other Tundra inhabitants revealing their terroristic potential in marked contrast to their harmlessness at first glance, but more on that later…

Despite the complications related to the Russian military operations on Kola peninsula we arrived at Pina without any delay due to the great organization shown by the ASR. With Nico and Christian as Kola rookies, Reneé, Uwe , Reinhold and Christoph (groupleader) as Kola junkies our group was well balanced. The breath-taking scenic overview at the high bank over the river caused trembling fingers while setting up the camp and preparing the fishing equipment.


Pina Camp

Little wonder only short time later all groupmembers were heading the nearby Pina hotspots in order to look for the marvelous, golden Pina trouts. Indeed the first fish were netted even before Gena our incomparable camp chef presented the first of his famous tundra dinners.

Next days the tundra rhythm took over command and time passed by quickly. Two days we visited Litza in order to spread the fishing pressure evenly. At Dream Litza we witnessed some of these magic Tundra moments when massive pupa hatches took place. Decent trouts showed heads and tails side by side. The Superpupa revealed to be the most successful flypattern and everyone was engaged to seduce the rising fish. At Pina too we were able to do almost exclusively dryfly fishing to more sporadic rising fish. The Kola skating techniques with attractor foam patterns imitating the running caddis played only second violin. Streamers helped bridging a short period of time with cold and rainy weather. We caught 57 trout in total with 10 fish over 3 kg, biggest 3.8kg. In addition everyone lost big (bigger?) fish: Broken tippet, opening of the hook bend and artistic jumping of the trouts in amazing conditions. Nico, Reneé achieved their personal best brown trout result.











Last but not least I have to report the horrific truth concerning the fearsome shadow which changed our initial naïve behavior and clarified the fact of being opposed the challenges of the last European wilderness… Already the first morning I had to recognize that there is something unknown in the vicinity. Despite the closed wrapping my beloved Russian cookies had been consumed by an unknown creature. Soon more disturbing news circulated the camp. Reinhold lost some sweets to the bandits even though hiding them in his tent (to sweeten the moments before falling asleep probably). Moreover he woke up in the early morning by some irritating scratches at his scalp. Alarmed he only saw a strange moving hill crossing under the floor beside his air mattress. Later he detected a suspicious hole in the inner tent floor. This was the moment the enemy was identified: The cute lemmings seen the day before living everywhere around our camp! They didn`t refuse to increase their efforts to make clear to whom this Tundra place belongs.

Next night they transformed my merino undershirt in a network-shirt that would have been the hit for any muscle packed bodybuilder and designed my woolen simms cap with goretex membrane into something new…probably several Kola lemmings will be fully equipped in their hollow next wintertime using merino isolation and goretex protection against all weather conditions.


New shirt design

Not enough they destroyed the flyline coatings of Christian. Finally we had to store our equipment high in the trees or deep in our waterproof travelbags. By taking into account the unequivocally interests of our dangerous neighbours Gena decided to share the remnants of our meals with the lemmings at least to a small extent that there was no awakening of interest of other Tundra animals.

In summary we had an amazing week once more. Thanks are due to Carsten dogs/pukka destinations, Gena the best of the best and the whole ASR team.


See you next year!

Christoph Zimmermann (groupleader)