Trout Fishing Report 5A – 2018

Posted on 08/08/2018

By group leader Alf M Sollund
The Kola fishing is each time a unique experience, this year we went to Dream Kharlovka during week 29 (14th – 21nd of July 2018). Six avid fly fishermen caught 109 trout larger than 1 kg with largest 3,7 kg. Again our warmest thanks to Mr. Kola, our guide Luganscky Volodya and the rest at Kharlovka Company.

The group (from left): Frank Pedersen (Norway), Steinar Simonsen (Norway), Hans Eilif Larsen (Norway), Luganscky Volodya (Russia, our guide), Thor Evensen (Norway), Geir Myhrsveen (Norway), and Alf Sollund (Norway – group leader).


The 5A Bunch
Dream Kharlovka has one of the nicest camp sites.


The Dream camp
Hot summer at tundra with some hatches
It was hot, hot, hot as can be seen by the expression of Hans-Eilif after an hour hike in waders (see photo below).


Hans Eilif – no pain, no gain
When we arrived, the air held 26 and water 18 degrees. The temperature increased to 32 in air and the water temperature was at 22 degrees when we left. We had little wind. The heat caused the home pool to become our bathing tub.


Dream “polution”
One day we had some clouding and even a local rainfall downstream but when the clouds saw us gasping they quickly evaporated.


Nearly rain
The water level was low, but not critical so. And suprisingly we saw little effect on the fish in terms of recovery after fights.


In fact during the last two days we did most of our fishing without waders. Alf even wet-waded in jogging shoes. According to him it is not recommended because of the pollution of the riwer as well as the discomfort by walking with wet feet all day.

Again; matching the hatch

There were some short intense hatches of large dark mayflies during night hours around 23:00 – 03:00, and some moderate pupae shows at the same time.


Geir with evening catch
This time we lacked the largest mayflies in our flyboxes. At nightime, it hatched large approx. #10 size dark mayflies with very high distinctive wings. Although our flies did not quite match, we had some success with our imitations such as standard dries, parachutes and the Mess (Gary LaFontaine). In fact Alf caught the largest trout on this trip at mid-day in sunny weather on a Mess (see photo below).


Alf with good size trout
As usual, there were some intense swimming pupae hatches (or rather drifting?) during nightime. The trout was very active downstream of the riffles, and these places held some, but not the number of trout we expected We can only repeat the 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 advices on pupae fishing and hopeful others can add more knowledge:
• Colour of fly? Same as the natural, in 2018 green / olive
• Size of the fly? Same as the natural or smaller
• Rubber or other legs on fly? No
• Floating? Yes, even most pupae’s are taken just below surface. Add foam or snowshoe rabbit hairs.
• Swimming action? No wobbling, in fact most of our was taken dead drift or very slowly retrieved
• Long cast? No, no, no, no. Never cast across more than one stream, as it’s too hard to control the fly.


Geir fishing the pupae

Kola Dream Kharlovka, the dream place for trout fishermen


Geir at Dream with dream catch
Dream Kharlovka once again turned out to the top place in the world for dry fly fishing the brown trouts, and luckily, no year is the same.
Our thanks to Kharlovka Company and our excellent guide with his chef-type meals for once again making the brown trout fishing possible and enjoyable.


Steinar catch


Hans Eilif catch


Local Dream View


Hans Eilif with golden brown