Trout Fishing Report 4B – 2019

Posted on 23/07/2019

Photo 1 Group picture

I have had the pleasure to once more visit the Kharlovka river with good friends that now can call themselves regulars as all have more than 5 years of experience on these rivers. The participants this year was from left; Tom Tuskin (Group leader), Stian Jacobsen, Øyvind Dahl, Trond Bentestuen, Glenn Christensen, Kjetil Johansen and Luganscky Volodya (our excellent camp chef)

Photo 2 Dream Kh Camp

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As before we had been preparing a whole year for this trip with fly tying, sharing experiences from trips we have done before and looked forward to a week with hatching and super conditions. As the weather forecast predicted cold weather and lots of wind, we lowered our expectations a bit. But as we know when you decide to participate in a trip like this you cannot always predict weather and conditions, you have to do the best out of the conditions you get! You can always hope that the weather forecast is wrong, but this week they were correct! Due to the weather conditions we stayed at Dream Kharlovka camp the whole week. On Saturday we were delayed with the helicopter out due to fog. But close and good communication with Kharlovka company on hour basis we were all standby and ready to go as soon as they gave green light. Finally, we arrived safely Sunday night in Dream Kharlovka camp and put up our tents in record time as the rain had a short pause. We went quickly in to our tents to be ready for fishing early Sunday morning. On Sunday we had a lot of hatching of mayflies, but heavy wind made it difficult to spot rising fish. Flies also blew over to different parts of the river which made the fish move to places in the river out of the normal places you would find them.

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On Monday the weather improved a bit and we had small periods in the morning with sunshine and less wind. This woke up both insects and fish! We had amazing hatches with mayflies and a lot of rising fish in the end of the currents. The low water temperature (8 C) made the fish incredible strong, they jumped around and gave us unforgettable fights! The group caught more than 40 fish this Monday with the highlight of Kjetil getting new personal best of a beautiful trout of 4,2 kg! Glenn also caught some really big ones this day.

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On Tuesday the strong wind was back. We therefore decided to rig the boats and bring them up and down stream to make it possible to fish from the boats and to make river crossing easier and safer. With boat you can also reach small Islands and rocks in the river more easily without risky wading stunts. With high wind levels at daytime and no hatching there was difficult fishing this Tuesday. However, as you can see from the pictures, we all had some nice experiences!

Photo 15

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Wednesday continued with the same weather as forecasted. Strong wind and cold weather! I must say I admire the persistence of the fishermen in my group. They really master these conditions and we came prepared with enough warm clothes to tackle this bad weather conditions! With their experience they also mastered the heavy winds and managed to catch a lot of nice trophy trouts! The winds made insect stick to small foam patches in the river and here you would also find rising fish.

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Fishing this week was in short summary challenging, primarily due to the heavy winds day and night all week long. I think experience and persistence is the main reason to the good result for the group overall. The hard statistics for my group was 125 fish above 1 kg. Out of this 4 of them above 4 kg (biggest 4,6 kg caught by Glenn), 19 above 3 kg and 72 above 2 kg, average for the group was 2,2 kg!!All the fish was caught on dryflies, mainly mayfly imitations. Most of the fish was in the end of currents and not on the top of river currents where you would normally find them. Blind fishing was no good, you had to find rising fish to have any luck. All fish were released with caution.

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I’d like to raise a big thank you to Volodya, our friend at campsite and always there to provide excellent service for us! We all appreciate you very much! Thank you to Kharlovka company and the ASR program that makes it possible for us to visit these rivers at The Kola Peninsula and experience the World’s best dry fly fishing for wild brown trout!

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See you again next year!
On behalf of the group best regards to everyone ☺
Tom Tuskin
Group Leader