Trout Fishing Report 3C – 2019

Posted on 02/08/2019


From left: Andreas Mathisen, John Magne Kristoffersen ( group leader ), Stig Kristiansen, Gard Schaug, Ragnar Jensen and Margido Kristoffersen

We arrived at Pina Saturday 28. July, and camp was set in a good pace. Higher water level then last time we visited, a million mosquitos but no trout to be seen the first day.
Sunday was lost by strong wind, only a few fish was caught that day.
Our expectations where to experience the awakening of the tundra, and on Monday we did!


Monday was the beginning of 6 days of fat trout, rise maniac, mayfly&caddis bonanza. What a blast.
We had read about this, watched films about it but never experienced it.
This week we probably had the best dryfly fishing after brown trout ever.


The mayfly hatches where impressive and started up between 10 and 12 and lasted until around 2100 in the evening. The trout where definitely hungry, and most fish where caught on sight fishing and rising trout.


The weather changed from close to zero to full summer, and we had though wind almost every day.


Group leader John Magne with a 3,4 kg Pina trout

Almost everybody in the group made a new personal best on this trip. A total of 46 trout, one passed 4 kg, 15 between 3 and 4 kg, 22 between 2 and 3 kg and the rest from 1-2 kgs.
We all love the Pina trout ☺

We also made up a couple of new names on different spots upstream from camp. The most suitable names are “Magnestampen” ( a place you can take a swim ) and “Grisebingen” ( The Pigpen ).
Maybe next group will recognice them?


Stig with his new pb – 2,8 kg, beautiful trout from “Grisebingen”



Andreas with a nice 3 kg+ from the upper part of “Magnestampen”


Margido also pushed the 3kg mark at “Magnestampen”


Ragnar collected trout above 3 kg the entire week


Gard with a fat Pina trout that pushed the 4 kg mark….

The last day we got surprised by tundra fog, and our helicopter was delayed for almost a day.



Camp view with – and without fog!!!

Late Saturday the chopper arrived, and we all had an impressive trip down to the ocean and upstream Rynda to basecamp.

Thanks to Karlovka Company for good organizing and letting us stay in this beautiful area.

Best regards