Trout Fishing Report 3B – 2018

Posted on 04/08/2018

Daniel, Håvar, Oddbjørn, Halvor, Ståle and group leader Tor Ola. 4 of the guys on their first trip to the tundra.
The guys had waited a long time for this trip, since we had to cancel the trip last year due to the extremely cold spring. So I can promise you the guys were ready!

Daniel and some mosquitoes a magical night on the Kharlovka


We started up in Scones, Kharlovka. Slightly higher water level since my last trip here, but conditions looked promising with some mayflies and caddis seen already the first evening. To make a long story short, we had great fishing.

Halvor With a superb Trout on 3,9 kg


A very good mayfly hatch gave us some of the best trout activity I have ever seen, sadly a lot of the fish were too far out in the river to be reached with our flies. In the late evening and night we had some small caddis hatches, and the trout was feeding happily. We had good fishing on all the different places at Scones, ending up with a number of 63 fish, all caught on dries. Some on Tsjernobyl Ants, but most of them on caddis and mayflies on rising fish.

The biggest fish was around 4 kg (68 cm) and we had a lot of fish between 2,5-4 kg. The weather was warm, sunny, and the wind destroyed some of the time at Scones, but still extremely satisfied with the result.

Ståle With his biggest of the trip, 3,5 kg


Håvar With one of his many 2+ Fish


Swan in river Litza was our next camp. Beautiful place, and almost perfect waterlevels. First evening was warm and no wind, perfect conditions. I was a bit worried since I did not see too many rising fish, but we managed to catch maybe 15 fish the first night on dries. Rest of the week we struggled to find fish. We tried streamers, nymphs, dries, but it seemed the fish was not there. We ended up with 18 fish at Swan. Daniel caught a beautiful 5 kg trout on a Kola Killer at 04 at night, which ended up being the biggest fish of the trip.
Photo 5_04 at night is not the best time to Catch a trophy Trout of 5 kg, when ret of the guys is sleeping in the tents, so this is the only Picture

Tor Ola With a Nice 2,5 kg Fish which took a Rhodani dun


Oddbjørn With a gorgeous 3 kg fish


All the guys were very happy with the trip, and our guide Volodya was great. In my opinion he is the perfect guide, both his personality and his food.
We will be back next year ☺