Trout Fishing Report 3B – 2017

Posted on 03/08/2017

Swan Islands

Our group consisted of from left: Håvard Martinussen, Vasillijev, Jan Erik Lund, Kjetil Hvarnes(Group leader), Torleiv Grøndalen, Stian Wadahl


The toughest conditions we have ever tried to fish in, sums up this year’s trip. The weather was nice with both heat, rain and a little cold. The company of the invincible gang of fly fishers was extraordinary this year. However, the fact that spring was late and snow still melting after record amount of snow this year had a massive impact on our possibility to catch fish.
The trout where not in the river and hiding somewhere else riding the spring floods of. The water level when we arrived at Swan was about 1,5 meters above normal. During our stay, the river dropped about 60 cm and we also discovered how fast the tundra comes to life, from gray to green in a week.

We fished with sinking lines, streamers, nymphs and stonefly imitation(tjernobyl ant). We fished hard searching for trout without any major luck. Again my admiration to the invincible gang of flyfihsers who never complaint once and kept on fishing. This turned out to be a different expereince than we had in mind and we only managed to catch a total of 7 fish. Biggest 2 kilos. No mosquitoes this week, only stoneflies and some small caddis in the bushes.
Many thanks to Vasillijev for everything.

Swan looking up on to the lake. Camp to the left

2 meters of snow in the turn downstream camp

#lynging No mosquitoes made it possible to sleep outside

Spectacular campsite at Swan

Håvard with his trout.

Stian with his trout.

Sami cabin

Tundra bus

On the way to Rynda.