Trout Fishing Report 3A – 2019

Posted on 19/07/2019

Trout Report Group 3A Mystic – Oset


From left: Tor Ola Dehli (group leader), Øystein Saga, Kristoffer Kristiansen, Oddbjørn Nordhagen, Rasmus Bonsak Løvbrøtte, Daniel Erik Gran, Volodya (guide)

Finally after some trips to the russian tundra this time we hit the Jackpot!!

4 of the guys had been to Kola one time before, Øystein was a rookie and for me it was third time lucky.
We started in Mystic Litza, and after looking at the river for 30 seconds I saw the first rising trout, and the first cast with a small caddis resulted in the first trout of the trip, and so it would continue for the whole week. Totally crazy amount of rising fish.

Mystic is not the longest stretch of river, but we managed to catch 40 fish on dryflies, mainly mayflies.
We had good hatches of many different species, both Rhodani, Eurivilie, Sulphuera and many more. No caddis at all. Only productive areas was from the camp and a couple of hundred meters down, no fish at all in the pools up towards the lake.

A few fish just over 2 kg, but most of the fish was around 1,5 kg. Still fun fishing on rising fish.

2_Øystein with Litza trout


Next stop was Oset Kharlovka. First look from the helicopter and camp was not that good, we thought it looked as it was only rapids and no good looking water. Well, that was the biggest mistake of the week. Oset proved to be one of the most interesting camps I have visited on Kola, so much variety, and so many cool fishing spots. Ubeliveable amounts of fish, mostly fish between 1-2 kilos, but also a big one in between.

We had some of the best mayfly hatches Kola has to offer and the trout stopped rising every afternoon, I am sure the reason was they were totally stuffed, could not eat one more fly.

We ended up with 149 fish here, 12 over 3 kg and one of them over 4 kg, 4250 gram. All fish caugh on dries, mainly on mayfly duns.

3_Daniel with 3+ fish


The weather of the week was a lot of wind, cool temperatures around 10-15 degrees, but also some sun and hours with less wind. Almost no rain at all. Except for the wind it was perfect weather both for fishing, walking and sleeping.

So the total for the week was 189 fish over 1 kg. A new pb for Øystein on 2 kg, never caught a trout over 1 kg on a dryfly before. A new pb on 3050 gr for Kristoffer, goal achieved for the trip. Daniel was happy just to be on Kola after missing his flight from Oslo.

Rasmus equaled his pb from his last Kolatrip, 3,4 kg. A new Kola record for me with 4250 gr. Oddbjørn maybe got a Kola record with over 60 fish on dries. And our guide Volodya was just as perfect as always.
We can not ask for a better trip. See you next year :)

4_Rasmus 3+

Rasmus with 3+ fish

5_Kristoffer new pb

Kristoffer with new pb

6_oddbjørn 3+

Oddbjørn with 3+ fish

7_Tor Ola with 4250 gr

Tor Ola with 4250 gr