Trout Fishing Report 2B – 2019

Posted on 23/07/2019

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Trout 2 B Dream Litza, Big Trout,
Ivan Capaul, Alex Joerg, Jan Ekmann, Remo Lemp, Bernhard Raemy.
Group Leader Christopher Rownes / Igor Zhuzhev
Weather 4-10 Degrees

Dream Litza
We arrived in Dream Litza in cold conditions set up camp quickly and made our way down to the river. The tundra was really still sleeping but we managed to tease some fish to the surface.
The fishing was still difficult but we had the occasional hatches of olive duns and Dream Litza woke up for a short time during the daytime.
Jan caught a beautiful 4 Kilo trout in a short hatch of olive uprights in the home pool.

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Big Trout
We Arrived in Big Trout in freezing temperatures and we set up camp. Not really any hatching insects around and the fish seemed to be still asleep after a cold winter. Towards the end of the week, temperatures increased and we began to see insects and rising fish. I hooked a fish at the very end of the V who came up to a size 12 CDC Caddis and tested my backing to the limit running 2 times way out into the lake. After 15 minutes we landed a beautiful 3.8 kg fish.

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Some really big fish rising at the outlet of the lake. Alex and Jan had a great afternoon with some fantastic fish over 4kg rising freely at the out let of the lake.

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After a tough weeks fishing with some amazing fish caught and lost.
Happy faces all around.

We finished off with 45 fish caught, 4 fish over 4 kilos, 8 fish over 3kilos

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Big thanks again to Igor our chef and guide with his fantastic humor and
Power-Boosting Russian soups

Big thanks to the Kharlovka company for the perfect organization and the ASR program that allows us to visit these beautiful rivers.

On behalf of my group best regards to everyone at Kharlovka.

See you next year
Christopher Rownes

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