Trout Fishing Report 2B – 2018

Posted on 22/07/2018

We started at Big Trout with great expectations. I have been there several times during the same week of the year with great success. The spring had come and everything looked right. The strange thing was that nothing was hatching and we saw almost no insects in the bushes. The colour of Kharlovka was murky, maybe because of a very strong wind and great waves on the lake.The total amount of fish for the group at Big Trout was only 11 trout, most of them taken a few hours before the helicopter moved us to Dream Litza.

At Dream Litza it was almost the same. Very few fishes rising the two first days. A rainy day started a mayfly hatch and a few more trout started to rise. The total number of fish at Dream Litza was 30 fish, giving us a total of 41 fish for the week, the biggest 3,5 kg. Most of our fish were caught on dry flies. Even though the fishing was not great we enjoyed the week.

The group consisted of Kai, Lars, Roar, Jørgen, Edvard and group leader Pål. Guide was Geena. In addition we had two photographers staying with us, Stefan and Francois.

Photo 1. Finally some mayflies.


Photo 2. Lars and Roar waiting for a rise.


Photo 3. A tern.


Photo 4. Gena serves a cake for the largest fish.


Photo 5. Pål with a fish on.


Photo 6. The group from the left, Gena, Jørgen, Roar, Pål, Lars, Kai, Edvard and in the front Stefan and Francois.