Three rivers week 37 ending 9th of September 2016

Posted on 18/09/2016

Number of Rods: 15
Nationalities: Northern English, Russian, French, Ukraine
Number of salmon: 133
Fresh Osenkas: 23, 17, 16, 16, 14 pounds
Personal Bests: 9 anglers (Chris T 16 pounds, Chris J 22, Francios 23, Tom 27, John 32, Fabien 28, Sergey 26.5, Yuriy 20, and Leonid 36 pounds)
Largest salmon: 18 over 20 pounds including 32 and 36 pounders!

Wonderful end to a great season! Except for that one cold rainy windy Wednesday, the conditions for basically perfect all week. Air and water temps started out 11C and finish the week at 8C while the river level slowly dropped from 17 down to 10cm on the home pool scale. As a result, we were able to finish the year using floating lines and hitched flies. Sun Rays, Golden Killers and shrimps were most affective until the final day with cooling water when most of the fish preferred a Black Francis. Highlights were well spread across the group.



Autumn is a beautiful time of the year on the far north coast with spectacular red, yellow and bright silver colours! Congrats to Slava and Gerhard for their fat 16 and 14 pound Osenkas.





Our good Russian and Ukrainian friends all bonded together with England and France to make for a very enjoyable week. Special thanks to Sergey and Roman and Slava. Congrats to Yuriy for his new 20 pound P.B.



Honourable mention to the father son team from France for landing their P.B.’s of 28 for Fabien and fresh 23 Francios.



Congrats to big fish John for landing this 32 pounder in Reindeer Rapids on a Sun Ray Shadow – Hitched!!

John's BP

Special mention to the rest of the boys from Northern England who together as a team on their first trip to the ASR had 61 salmon including 4 personal bests. Hopefully next time they will bring cameras!


And last but not least Leonid showed us all how it was done with his Golden Killer in Julian’s pool landing this massive 116cm – 36 pounder. Welcome to the ASR big fish club!

Leonid and Yura, the guide

There is no doubt that the reds, golden-yellows, greens and browns on the far northern tundra at this time of year are simply stunning and one of the highlights of the season. The birds are migrating following an active summer, while the salmon are left to spawn in peace. In addition, we were lucky several times over the last couple of weeks to witness an act of magic with the Northern Lights that appeared to top off the unforgettable experience.




All the days were good here this season on the ASR – and many were great!