Three rivers week 37 ending 13th of September 2015

Posted on 18/09/2015

Nationalities: Scottish, Welsh, French, English, and Norwegian
Number of Salmon: 92
Number of anglers: 16
BIG Fish: 1 x 39.6lbs-Kharlovka, 1 x 33.5 pounds-Litza, 1 x 32lbs-Kharlovka Home pool, 1 x 31lbs.-Kharlovka, 1 x 30lbs.-Kharlovka
Rynda: 28 salmon of which 4 over 20lbs
Litza: 33 salmon of which 5 over 20lbs
Kharlovka: 31 salmon of which 6 over 20lbs
Personal Best Fish: 6

We are pleased to report that from the first days of spring through to our colourful finale on 11 Sept. – we have had another fantastic season on the ASR. While we managed to improve on last years overall total catch, our final week of the season was more about quality than quantity.


In fact, it only took Shawn an hour or two after arriving to camp to find his 31 pounder in the Kharlovka Home pool. Normally you might think this would be a personal best however we were quickly reminded that Shawn landed a 33 pounder last summer on the Litza. Unbelievably big fish Shawn went onto top his week off this year with another 30 pound monster from the lower Kharlovka – later proclaiming in the fish book “Two over 30 on the same week? Where else but on the mighty Kharlovka!”


We started off the final week with perfect conditions and cooling water temps. Unfortunately the weather improved through the the first couple of days, warming the water temps from 8.8C up to an unseasonable 12C. Along with putting the salmon down for a good portion of the day, we saw some of the first mozies appear before the winds picked up mid week, accompanied by some cool drizzle which seem to bring everything right again. On Wednesday we landed about 30% of the catch for the week before another high pressure cell arrived on the final day bringing bright sunny skies and some of the warmest temps we can remember since earlier this summer during the last days of June.


Nevertheless, our final days were full of good spirit and camaraderie along with plenty of big fish joy! In addition to Shawn’s brace of 30+ers, we must also congratulate the honourable Dr. Stuart for upping his P.B. to a respectable 19 pounds.


Dave was absolutely delighted and completely exhausted (“set for the week on the first day!”) following his successful battle with a 32 pound P.B. up at the Kharlovka National Park. He was still shaking when he returned to camp claiming to have snapped off a couple of others that were just as big!


Our French friends also deserve credit for landing a brace of 22 pound P.B’s for Gerard and a bright fresh 22 pound Osenka for Francois – well done!


Speaking of 22 pounders, we should also congratulate Darky on his brace of 22′s out of the Dream pool one morning. Not surprisingly they were landed on the Big Baldy – the Scottish Snealda. Having already got the snap of his big dark cock fish, he respectfully released the fly from the hen without removing her from the water.


Always a pleasure to see our Scotish friends back again for the second week of the year! Jamie, who was presented with his Veteran ring back in middle June, went on to break his personal best with us on his return last week fishing his patented Wee Baldy to land a solid cock fish of 33.5 pounds in Reindeer rapids on the lower Litza. Slangevar!




However, the big prize went to Ole Kristian for landing the 39.6 pounder on his trusty Willie Gunn out of the Barrel pool on the lower Kharlovka! Was this the largest salmon landed on the Kola this season?



Autumn is a special tranquil time above the arctic circle. A time to enjoy the bright colours, the fresh air along with the wildlife that are all quite obviously on the move. There is no doubt that the reds, golden-yellows, greens and browns on the far northern tundra at this time of year are simply stunning and one of the highlights of the season. The birds are migrating after a productive summer, while the salmon are left to spawn in peace. The darkness comes gradually and the sun sets earlier and earlier. In addition, we were lucky several times over the last couple of weeks to witness an act of magic with the Northern Lights that appeared to top off the unforgettable experience.



Stay tuned for the 2015 season review to follow over the weekend. We are planning to send out fishing invitations for the 2016 season by Friday 25 September.

Looking forward to communicating with you all again soon!

Best wishes,
Justin and the ASR Team