Three rivers week 36 ending 6th of September 2015

Posted on 18/09/2015

Number of Rods: 16
Nationalities: Russian, English, American, Irish, Northern Irish, and Spanish
Number of fish: 149
Rynda: 47 salmon of which 1 over 20lbs
Litza: 55 salmon of which 6 over 20lbs
Kharlovka: 38 salmon of which 2 over 20lbs
Personal Best Fish: 5
Largest fish of the week: 35,5 pounder

Fly-fishing has no nationality, no age and no persuasion. The only one nationality in fishing is an angler.
This week we greeted many old friends back to our camp and were happy to meet a few new ones from Ireland, America and Spain.
First few days of the week, the weather was sunny and fishing was extra challenging. Cooler evening temperatures made the first half of day the best time to fish. However, by the middle of the week, the winds from the north finally brought us a welcome change and rain. Wednesday was the best day of the fishing week with 4 personal bests during the same day.


Although the numbers were spread around the group, Big young Maxim, who was on his second visit to the Kharlovka this year, not surprisingly led the way with 21 salmon. Next time we will have to bring more cables so we can get his photos. Our mate Richard did Northern Ireland proud with 19 good fish on the week. Thankfully his fishing partner Jonathan (who also broke his P.B. with a 18 pounder off the Rynda) managed a few good snaps along the way.



In the morning before breakfast, Robert landed a 15 pound P.B on Home Pool and a few hours late, he broke his record with a nicely coloured 22 pounder. His Irish buddy Jim also had fun landing his share of mid sized salmon.



Alejandro also broke his P.B. landing a 21 pounder on Rynda. We also want to congratulate Jose who came to us hoping to land his fist salmon ever. After few days, his was in luck landing a 11 pounder from Snowbank on the lower Litza. Unfortunately in their excitement they snapped several blurry photos.


“Flat stone” became the place where Mikhail landed his personal best. A cracking 35,5 pounder earned him a “35+” ring along with membership in “Big fish” club.


When anglers come to our camp during “Three rivers” program, they dream not only about big fish. The fall run osenkas also become a talking point. Fortune smiled upon JD during the week who landed a wonderful bright silver 22 pounds osenka.


Not to be outdone by his father, on the last day Jon appeared as usual, he came and started to write down his fish in a book. “It is my personal best”- he said. A fantastic 18 pounder!


With the low water conditions, the bright days seem to be the most challenging. Although the Rynda and Litza were most prolific last week, the Kharlovka also gave us good results.


Thank you all for coming. We are always happy to follow your results and welcome you into our camp. Looking forward to seeing you back again next year.