Spring Newsletter – record snow levels!

Posted on 29/05/2017

Dear Friends,

Following a long cold dark snowy winter on the far northern coast – we are back online!

If you have been following the ASR Weather link, you will have noticed that the snow and icy measurements have accumulated off the 20 year chart recently during March and April. In fact, the locals are now reporting the winter snow accumulation to be an 80 year high event. The only road to Tumanni was closed recently for several weeks delaying our team spring snowmobile pilgrimage into the ASR camps. Last week the road finally opened back up allowing them to proceed with their journey. The boys have sent back some encouraging photos back from the camps. While it is impossible to predict how the spring thaw will progress over the next 4 weeks before we open the Kharlovka camp on 27 May – the local forecast remains chilly for the foreseeable future and with so much snow and ice on reserve, the water conditions on the Northern Rivers are likely to be significantly higher and cooler than we have experienced in June over the recent past.


That said, we are advising our early spring guests to come prepared with a range of heavy sinking lines and a selection medium to large flies-tubes of 2-3+ inches. This is also a good time to have your backing re-spooled and all your connections and loops replaced. For those accustomed to using 12-14′ rods, we also suggest that you pack a 15′ if you have it. In the big water that is likely to prevail in June, the extra length will help in controlling the swing so as to help get down to the fish. If you are unsure about your kit, we recommend you to call or visit Brian Fratel in Farlows or Danny North at Sportfish who as Kola veterans will both be happy to assist you. For those who might show up unprepared for any reason, there are also Farlows tundra shops at the Rynda and Kharlovka camps.


As many of our fishing friends will know, the Kharlovka and Rynda camps have been in a steady state of improvements for many years. This spring Volodya proudly reported that we will be upgrading the Litza camp with new inflatable guest tents that are even more comfortable and warmer with electric heating. Meanwhile Nikolai has begun expanding the Rynda kitchen with new equipment which will provide much needed space for the master chef and the rest of the staff to work their magic. We are confident that these improvements will not only maintain the high standards we aim for but will lead to further enhance the relaxed and convivial atmosphere which characterises so many end of day gatherings in the camps.


On an administrative note, we’d flag up the adjusted Helsinki charter baggage limit of 22.9Kg. We would also like to remind guests to consider their Russian visas early – namely that all visas will require travellers to personally attend the visa centre in order to provide biometric data (- fingerprint scans). As such, whether you apply directly or via a visa handling agent, you may want to put your application in hand a little earlier in 2017. To that end, do not forget that the ASR Travel section of the website has detailed notes to assist in completion of the visa application process.


Finally, its last call! Whilst there are very few rods remaining available for the season, the inevitable unforeseen circumstances mean that there are one or two openings that have arisen. If you have either not yet fixed your own plans for the season or feel tempted to visit us for an extra week in 2017, do get in touch before these last few spaces get snapped up.

With best wishes from the ASR team!

Justin and Vladimir