Rynda week 30 ending 25th of July

Posted on 29/07/2014

The superb fishing of week 29 was always going to be hard to follow but the team for last week made a commendable effort ending the week with a total well into 3 figures.


A group substantially comprised of old Rynda stalwarts supplemented by new friends Daniel and Francois, continued to fish the whole system all the way up to Reindeer Crossing.



Shortly after arrival during the first few hours of an evening’s fishing, we caught 10 salmon.


Although the bright sun for much of the week and the further rise in water temperature to around 15C made the group work hard for their fish, ingenuity of tactics and perseverance won out with a number of fish over 20lbs both landed and lost.


In particular, it was notable that many of these were from the upper beats indicating that the big water of June had not stopped those big fish coming into the system but had simply made them far more difficult to locate.



Whilst many of the fish had now been in the system for a little while, there were still fresh and sea-liced fish being caught all the way up to Third Waterfall.The Five Pools complex with its wonderful variety of water and pools, performed particularly well during the week.



The water lever at Zolotaya is still staying quite high, and Sean and David who stayed there for night came back to Rynda with a wonderful result – 11 salmon.



Almost all the fishing remained on the surface save for a few instances of sink tips on the brightest of days as we tried to overcome the reluctance of the fish to show themselves under the cloudless skies.Hitched and conventional flies (Cascade, Willy Gunn, Green Butt, Small Francis) as well as bombers all claimed their successes during the week.


As the week ended, the weather was showing some sign of change with strong winds accompanied by better cloud cover.With an absence of any meaningful rain for some 3 weeks or so, the river is now at a level more familiar to those Rynda regulars fishing the end of July each season.


If the change in weather brings a little fresh water into the system, we should be able to look forward to finishing the last weeks before the break with sustained good fishing and a total that will be significantly up on the previous 2-3 years notwithstanding the challenging conditions with which we started 2014’s campaign in June.



It was a particular pleasure to share a happy and successful week with these old friends to Rynda, a sentiment echoed by Vladimir who himself extended his own Rynda season this year to ensure that he was on hand to welcome them back this season.



Simon and Nikolai