Rynda week 29 ending 20th of July 2018

Posted on 30/07/2018


This week we all will remember as a week with extremely difficult weather conditions. Clear blue skies and hot south wind made the water temp steeply risen from 15 to 20.5C. Together with the low water level, such circumstances required persistence from our anglers along with an individual fishing approach. And of course, Luck is a good thing to have.


This week we were fishing with our good friends. Most of these anglers we know for many years and we are always happy to share a fishing week with them here at Rynda.



Despite the weather conditions, our campers managed to do a great job and to land 87 salmon. Anglers were pretty exhausted by the end of the week. Together with their guides, they showed a great contrivance and high spirit.



Small hitched Sun Rays and Golden Killers did well. And of course, Chernobyl Ant was a very special fly for this week.
David with his solid 20-pounder caught on the ‘terrible fly’ Chernobyl Ant.


Martin with his 18-lbs from the Inlet pool.


Thank you for your hard work this week and for a very nice party in the Rynda camp!
See you next year.
Rynda team.