Rynda week 29 ending 18th of July

Posted on 23/07/2014

It was a great and remarkable week! First, we had an amazing fishing. We caught and released more than 200 salmon, the biggest one being 28 pounds.


Second, the fishing was not just productive, but, what is more important, very interesting. We have been fishing starting from Reindeer Crossing down to 10 Islands, wherein we’ve used all the possible versions of flies and fishing techniques.



Fortunately, the water temperature (11C) and still high water level enabled this. Of course, as you would expect with summer fishing, we fished a lot with the surface flies. Zolotaya is still cheering us up with its good and consistent fishing. Well done, Irwin and Nick! Third, a wonderful company gathered at Rynda this week. Enthusiastic anglers with very engaging attitude towards each other and great sense of humor.


Photo by Vadim Titovets


*A report by Palmi Gunnarsson below.*


Photo by Vadim Titovets

At Rynda and Zolotaya everything was at its best. After a rather harsh spring, conditions were perfect with plenty of water and steady runs of grilse and big summer salmon entering the rivers on every tide.



Photo by Vadim Titovets

I have learned, often the hard way, to keep my expectations modest when it comes to fly fishing but the situation that I and a group of fly fishermen from the UK, Russia, Belarus and Latvia met was beyond my wildest dreams.



Weather shifted from cold and foggy to mild and sunny and warm with the challenges that go with different weather conditions. And at last the mosquitoes were out getting their fair share of fun and food.




The group was united and spirits high, personal bests were caught and the total number in the book by the end of the week very good. Lots of good size fish landed and lost, and the skaters, small hitched flies and bombers, had the upper hand.



On a cold, foggy day In Norway pool, I had my first Rynda swim.


About time one might say, since wading has never stopped me from getting from one stone to the next. Later that day I was rewarded with a big salmon on the tail of Tolstoy, a memorable fish for its strength and jumps.


Photo by Vadim Titovets

Before that I had waded out to the pocket above Tolstoy, to honour a departed Rynda friend who a few years back had so generously taught me to fish the pocket, and had given me a Green Machine from his private collection of flies. Needless to say I got a nice twenty pounder in second cast on the hitched Green Machine, but this time I landed a nice fresh twelve pounder covered with sea lice.


Photo by Vadim Titovets

And so, the week passed, much too fast. I want to pay tribute to the staff of the Rynda house, and Vladimir, the owner of ASR, who fished with us throughout the week, for their great hospitality, as well as to the group of fly fishermen that I was privileged to fish with on Rynda.



Me and my partner Vadim Titovets from Belarus, one of the best fishing partners that I have met, decided on our last night, after dinner to go out fishing or rather practising the use of skated flies on the Home Pool. And there between the two rocks a big rather angry fish hammered the smallest of my Black Sheep hitch tubes. The fish took off down the rapids to the lake where it was netted by Vadim. An hour later looking out my cabin window, while packing my gear for the trip home, I could see, Vadim still practising the use of hitched flies in Home Pool.


Thank all the anglers and the staff for the splendid week and hope to see you next year!


Palmi and Nikolai.