Rynda week 28 ending 14th of July 2017

Posted on 18/07/2017

Perfect time!

1 Rynda_10 Islands

This is the headline for this week at the Rynda river.
Rynda guests were successfully using the full spectrum of fishing tactics from sinking, intermediate and floating lines along with tubes, doubles, singles and hitched flies!

2 IMG_5834

3 P7120157

Rynda was developing nicely, during the week the water level dropped up to 32 cm and water temp moved from 11C to 14C.

4 Zolotaya_Rynda uke 28-47

5 IMG_7551

Salmon run responded to the water dropping immediately. If in the beginning of the week most of the salmon were caught below Norway pool, on Thursday and Friday fish were found at 5 pools and Swan! (Well done, Christopher!) Now we can say all the Rynda beats are on business.

6 GOPR0737

7 Rynda_BootCreek_GoldenKiller_Tom_IMG_0852-2

Very first 3 hours fishing on Saturday ended up with 30 released salmon and the Ring Fish 27,5 lbs – beautiful fish for Phil (Low Home Pool, Purple Samurai).

8 Rynda uke 28-29

9 Rynda_Home_pool_Purple_Samurai

Zolotaya river was very good from top pools to the Sea Pool. Some anglers also took the advantage of nice fishing and stayed overnight in the charming Zolotaya Hilton tent camp.

10 Zolotaya_Russian_pool

11 IMG_7600

12 DSC_0044

After dinner, fishing on Rock Island was very enjoyable and productive!

13 Rynda uke 28-37

One of the very exciting moments happened with Will. He had a serious battle with a huge salmon. Unfortunately for Will, salmon was luckier in this fight. Next day Will was awarded with 6 landed salmon.

14 GOPR1051

15 RyndaCamp_SCO_2_11.7.17-125

Congrats to Louise with her P.B. salmon of 16 lbs!

16 IMG_7611

Flies to fish this week: Green Butt, Hitched Sunray, Golden Killer, Willy Gunns, Snaelda.

17 IMG_0867

18 Rynda uke 28-42

19 SCO_4_9.7.17-578

20 IMG_7032

Wonderful week with our friends! Thank you all!
Rynda team.