Rynda week 28 ending 13th of July 2018

Posted on 26/07/2018

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This week Rynda camp welcomed our good friends and regular anglers from England. We have been fishing together for many years and we enjoyed such a great team!

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The weather was comfortable for the first half of the week: breezy north wind and clouds. The low water level was not a problem. Every day catch for the team was around 25 fish.

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From Thursday the weather changed to sun and south wind. As we now know, that hot was the beginning of the huge hot wave which covered the whole Kola Peninsula for several weeks. The air temp went up to +25C in the morning and the water temp started to creep up above 15C.

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Anyway, the total catch of 149 fish was an excellent result.

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The flies we were using: Willie Gunns, Golden Killers, hitched Sun Ray and huge Chernobyl Ant.

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With a special pleasure, we were greeting Mills family this week! Dear friends Nico and Sue are not only veterans of ASR, they were the first wave of anglers who came to fish at the Kola Peninsula since the early 1990-s.

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Sophie’s first salmon ever!

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Louise’s new Personal Best – wonderful 19-lber!

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Roddy with some of his 15 fish from this week.

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Ed’s 25-lbs from Down Under pool. Best fish of the week.

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Phil was fishing after dinner every day and finished his week with an excellent result – 28 fish.

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Thank you for another wonderful week, dear friends!
See you next season.
Rynda team.

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