Rynda week 28 ending 11th of July

Posted on 15/07/2014

Report by Sue Mills.


Another splendid week is over. Wonderful people, magnificent nature and lots of fishes caught. Vodka shots toasting successes, failures and jokes were frequent during a relaxed week when new friends were quickly made. Amongst achievements celebrated were those of:


Oleg and Alena, experienced anglers from Novosibirsk in Siberia catching their first Atlantic salmon on their first evening. Thereafter Oleg specialised in larger sizes, including the fish of the week: 22lbs from Power Pool, with Alena preferring greater numbers in smaller sizes.



Mike, using his great height and experience to catch the “Highest up the River so far” fish from Third Waterfall on the Friday, title previously held by Ian and Paul jointly in The Fan on the Wednesday and in Twin Slabs on Tuesday.


Ian, returning for a second round with the Rynda, bought a cheerful party: Paul, Robert and Martin who all especially enjoyed the Zolotaya and their preferred lunch of T bone steaks and a bottle of wine, although the scoring rate may have declined in the afternoon. Robert, a noted Marlin fisherman, did take some time to land his first salmon but when, on Monday he got his eye in, he landed seven successive fish without moving one foot from his chosen spot on the Home Pool.



Jeremy, despite much ribbing from partner Mike, contributed a good share of the 155 fish in the book which included 40 from Zolotaya.


Although Nico and Sue were on their 13th successive Week 27 experience that did not prevent Nico causing great amusement by spending the day on the Zolotaya in thigh waders which resulted in both legs filled with water at 10C when in Tail of Jeremy’s, a pool that held many fish all week.


The weather has changed a few times during the week. On Monday the air temperature reached 29C. The real salvation for the anglers was a summer breeze from the North-East. But on Tuesday the weather became more normal with the air 8C. Such a jump of temperatures on Monday brought strong fog and low cloud. The water has fallen very quickly and during the week the level dropped by 16 cm and the water temperature rose from 8C to 13C.




Thank you for the wonderful week!


Sue and Nikolai.