Rynda week 27 ending 7th of July 2017

Posted on 13/07/2017

1_Rynda uke 27-5

Last week was a start of the summer here in tundra. Water level dropped 30 cm during the week.
The week started with unbelievably low water temp of 4C and by the end of the week the water temp reached 10C! Along with the water level dropping this fact changed fishing in a big way.

2_Rynda uke 27-43

Our anglers started to put away their sinking lines and switched to intermediates and even floating lines.


4_Rynda uke 27-39

Last week at Rynda three different generations fished together – from veterans to flyfishing neophytes.

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Our veteran Christopher who is fishing Rynda for 10 years was honored a Veteran ASR ring.

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Young and experienced fly fishers from Russia, Canada and Great Britain were performing their best, catching salmon in different techniques.

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Special attention was given to our first visitors Mikhail, Nikita, Denis, Sergeys. They were fishing with a fly for the first time and succeeded with very good results.



Multiple PB’s was set last week. We congratulate Nikita and Christopher with their wonderful 21-pound biggest fishes of the week!


12_Rynda uke 27-35

Charles and Richard opened fishing on the surface catching several salmon on the hitched Sunray.

13_Rynda uke 27-56

Zolotaya river gave us a big surprise. We were fishing it every day and were catching salmon only in the lowest part of the river. And suddenly on Thursday Richard and Charles discovered fish everywhere including the top of the river!

14_Rynda uke 27-48

15_Rynda uke 27-47

Flies catching fish were Willy Gunn tube, Snaelda, Samurai Black, Moonshine, Golden Killer.

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Thanks for the wonderful week!



Rynda team