Rynda week 27 ending 4th of July

Posted on 09/07/2014


It came as something of a surprise for old hands, Peter and Christopher, arriving their usual week to find Rynda’s summer had not yet started – snow was visible everywhere and the fish were concentrated in the lower river with only advance parties above Home Pool.




A small but select party of eight fishers from Russia and England – Ivan, Dmitri and Igor; Peter, Christopher, Richard, Roger and Alastair (observed by Norwegian friends Ola and Ivar) got to grips with the colder conditions ringing the changes between sinking and floating lines, weighted tubes, large and small doubles and even the odd hitch and bomber.



Early on in the week Rock Island took most of the glory whilst later in the week the main action moved to Home Pool where Christopher landed a fish negotiated from above the falls through to the bottom of the Pool without mishap. Forays upstream produced only a couple of fish including Richard’s 18 lb’er from Rupert and a fine fish for Christopher from Norway.



Zolotaya fished well all week with fresh//fish from the Sea Pool to Peter’s and with the Long Pool featuring strongly, Russia perhaps being rather higher than most were used to.



As the week progressed, initially with the blue skies, so much of the snow vanished, the water level dropped from 1.20 to 0.6 and water temperatures rose from 6C to 8.5C.

Porridge was the order of the day at breakfast and nearly enticed Goldilocks and her 3 cubs to join the party from 10 Islands.


As ever the dinner table was convivial and the fishy tales tall under the guidance of entertainments officer, Richard, so most were not tempted to go out for a midnight fishing Foray.

All in all a great week with new experiences and lessons for old hands and new comers alike!



Alastair and Nikolay