Rynda week 28, ending 10th of July

Posted on 16/07/2015


As the season goes on we have been lucky to see old friends as well as some new faces to camp. Nothing comes quite close too see a guest land his first Salmon ever, and we had the opportunity to do so this week.


Our group consisted of Sue and Nico, who are old friends and veteran angler of Rynda, as well as Jeremy and Mike who had been here the previous season and then we had 5 Russian anglers, 3 of whom never fly fished before. Vladimir would also join us for the week here at Rynda.



There were a lot of questions regarding tactics and advice regarding the fishing together with excitement coming from all the new guests. The river level has been dropping consistently and is getting lower each day, at least we had some clouds around which is always a good thing when fishing for Salmon.



It didn’t take too long for Jeremy to land his first fish of the trip. The first night there was already a couple of entries in the logbook to get the week on the way. Sue used her experience to her advantage by consistently catching a couple of fish everyday and was enjoying her second week at here Rynda.


Ruslan one of our new Russian guests managed to land a beautiful 20lb Salmon at Reindeer crossing, this was also his first ever fish on fly. The way the story was told that night he convinced us that he is now hooked and eager to get the next one. Maxim not being a first time fly angler also managed some good fish in the 15lb range, it was also great to still catch a lot of fish with sealice.


The fishing has not been easy the last couple of days but all the guests were still happy to land fish consistently. It is always nice to see when the guests are really having a good time and making the most of their time on the River.



Wednesday and Thursday the weather turned for the worst with strong winds up to 15mps that made the fishing in general pretty tricky. Despite the tough conditions all guests stayed out for the entire day and still managed to catch fish. Welldone.


One thing that goes hand in hand with these fishing trips is the stories about the ones that got away… and this week there were a good couple of fish that had the last say. Guide Gena with years of experience on this river, told us the story about a 30lb+ fish that was lost after a long fight. We always say they don’t get that big by being stupid. Better luck next time.



We once again bid a farewell to our wonderful guests. Our new Russian friends already requesting availability of dates for the coming season, we are sure we will see them again in the near future.


Rynda team