Rynda week 27 ending 1st of July 2016

Posted on 06/07/2016


As fisherman and nature lovers we are always up to the elements, elements such as rain wind snow and sun. Not only does we get affected by it but so does the fish, the river and the countryside. With summer now in full swing in the far north coast we are faced with bright blue skies. Air temperature pushing high 20’s and water temperature raising daily, and so the water level also dropping at an alarming rate.


As Salmon fishermen we are prepared to spend hours at end just to have another tug with a fresh salmon. Unlike some of the rivers in other parts of the world encounters with fresh sea liced fish is a common thing. And for that reason, despite the summer conditions we head out every day with high spirits.



This week we are delighted to welcome back five of our veteran anglers Peter, Roger, Richard, Christopher and Hugo. These weeks are always special as the appreciation for the tundra is evident in the fact that they keep coming back.



Richard has been fishing these Northern Rivers since 1998. We absolutely love hearing stories from the past as it paints a picture, and reminds us of how little the rivers have changed since. Stories of big fish, stories of lost fish and just stories about Rynda in general. Experienced Richard started of his week by landing two beautiful fish at 2nd fall during the first afternoon session.



Another one of those experienced anglers joining us again was our good friend Hugo, who is part of the Rynda family. Hugo kicked of his week with 4 fish the first afternoon. Well done.


Hugo is no newcomer when it comes to catching big fish and has many hair-raising stories of fish he has hooked and seen. Thursday afternoon after fishing there was yet another big fish story from Hugo. A monster fish that he hooked in the tail of Power pull that he fought hard for 15 minutes before the leader parted. Not able to write it in the logbook, but one that will remain in his memories forever.


Our little neighbor river Zolotya has consistently been producing fish throughout the week. Russian pull is believed full of fish and Tim and Richard managed to hook five fish between them Thursday afternoon.



Despite the clear blue summer skies we had a great week with a great bunch of guys. Yes we had tough days but we also had good ones to keep the logbook on track. In all honesty this is the best place to have tough fishing days as the scenery makes any day out on the river worth it.


Looking forward to the next week!


Rynda team