Rynda week 27, ending 3rd of July

Posted on 07/07/2015

This week at Rynda we are excited to welcome back six of our veteran anglers who have been visiting us for more than ten years, some even as much as 16 years. It is always great to see our old friends, and for them to also see each other again. Over the years some great friendships have been made whilst fishing at Rynda. As a new initiative at camp we like to thank our loyal veteran anglers by awarding them with the ASR veterans ring.

After a quick lunch and briefing the guests were eager to get this week started and headed out for the first half-day fishing. It did not take long before Alexander hooked into the first fish of the week a beautiful 12lb fish that already started showing some color.

Vadim followed by landing a great fresh fish of 20lb, well done Vadim. Not a bad way to start the week. Together with the first entry into our fish logbook came the stories about the ones that got away… and boy were there a lot this week!

It’s been a fascinating experience to see how the river changes day to day with the water dropping every day the fish tend to move to curtain holding spots before moving further up river. The water level in the last three weeks has gone down with 35-40cm.

By now we have identified the favorite areas, but everyday we would still get surprised. It’s the unpredictability of this game we play that makes us love it so much. Weather-wise we had a bit of everything this week, clouds, clear skies, rain and even one or two thunderstorms, but our motivated anglers kept their lines in the water and everyone was rewarded with some special fish.

Paolo our Italian friend and a couple of other guests made the most of his time by taking advantage of the opportunity to fish after dinner and in the mornings had some entries for our logbook.  Paolo together with Lewis had another memorable day on the Zolotaya by landing 9 fish for the day. With the exceptional clarity of this river there are a good number of fish that can be seen in the Russian pool.

On the last day Hugo managed to land a beaut of 18lb’s and hooked into another big fish which he eventually lost after a 35min tug of war. Hugo’s words was “ I don’t like big fish” better luck next time.

Despite the tricky conditions the past week all our guests leave us with smile filled faces, what a great group. We look forward to seeing them back again in the near future.


Rynda team