Kharlovka week 27 ending 1st of July 2016

Posted on 07/07/2016

Last week High summer arrived to the far north coast bringing with it bright blue skies and temps to 30+C in the shade. It all began on the previous Saturday afternoon when Vladimir and his son Vladimir, along with eight more of their good Russian friends, together with Richard from Ireland and Big Andrew from the USA – all landed into camp with perfectly mild temps and dark overcast skies. By the time the sun popped out on Monday night the boys had already noted 52 salmon in the fishing book.

66. East Litza Falls Russia

The last 4 days of the week were some of the hottest and brightest that we can remember. As a result the water temps soared to 21C by the end of the week. Despite the cruel conditions the boys persevered fishing early mornings and late afternoons with delicious picnic lunches that were followed by long siestas in between. Upon arriving back to camp it was GT’s for everyone = gin and tonic time (plus lots of ice)!

73. Flowers UW 1 Kharlovka River Russia

Fishing techniques ranged from bouncing snealdas down along the bottom to stripping sun rays and twitching Bombers across the surface to using long leaders and micro flees with red and green butts however it was the Golden Killer that took the vast majority of the silver. All things considering, including the nighty saunas, rejuvenating massages, and late night Euro cup football matches – the team had an exceptionally jolly time going onto land 126 salmon with 3 personal bests that included 14 great salmon over 20 pounds.

61. Dima Inspects Simon's Fly Wallet for a Winner Kharlovka River Russia

Again everyone in the group had plenty of fishy highlights. Honourable mention goes out to Vladimir Jr. who not surprisingly seems to be getting to know all the best places – landing 19 salmon on the week. Vladimir Sr. also deserves credit for bringing the group together and for landing the big fish of the week at 27 pounds.


23. Beautiful Fish from East Litza Falls Pool 2 Kharlovka River Russia


Always nice to see our good friend Gregory back every year. Big congrats for breaking his P.B with this 25 pounder and also for introducing his friend Jenya to the mighty Kharlovka who not surprisingly broke his P.B. as well with a pleasing 20 pounder.



Honorable mention also goes out to Richard and Andrew who as the only foreigners invited in on the club week were starting to speak and dream in Russian by the end of the week – Nastarovia! In addition, Andrew had one of the best salmon fishing days of his life landing 5 including his new P.B 24 pounder up at the Kharlovka Falls.


Andrey and Vadim had a magical time on the Litza with Andrey landing 6 to 20 pounds in the Tent pools while Vadeem had back to back to back to back 20, 20, 21, and 24 pounders!  Yee haaaa






Igor and Sergey know how to have a good time where ever they go. Taking it easy during the long hot day over at the Litza Tent, Igor managed to sneak out early to find a couple of 20+ pounders while Sergey took care of business the following day with a couple of 20+ers up at the Kharlovka Falls.




Despite the abnormal arctic heat wave, we had a lots of fun here last week. Great friends and good fishing – along with a slick operation with tasty food and icy cold drinks – are all the ingredients for a memorable experience.

Hasta la vista!