Rynda Fishing Week 27 – 2012

Posted on 07/07/2012

Guest Report by Roger Harrison


Time has moved on but no one has anything but praise for the new owner Vladimir Rybalchenko and very little has changed. [This is a new helicopter that is fast and more comfortable and the sauna is transformed]. But apart from these improvements the staff are just as welcoming and friendly and the guides as expert and helpful as ever.

The reduction in the number of rods is a great improvement and for mainly British party was enhanced by a mix of fishermen from less distant places. There was much laughs and friendship with Vadim, Igor and Mevludi.

A total of 103 fish between eleven rods was satisfactory although as always good and bad luck left them unevenly divided. The weather despite some rain, sharp changes in temperature, a lot of wind and one dramatic thunderstorm was on several days more suited for the Mediterranean than to northern Russia. That made the fishing hard but a compensation was the size of the salmon caught. With 36 over 10lbs and 9 over 20lbs of which four came to Peter.

The river level was generally ideal and there were salmon from Reindeer Crossing to Ten Islands but the grilse run seemed much lighter then in the other years. Perhaps more are still to come and the cloud and rain as we leave is promising.

But for those who, like Donald and Ann have been coming for 20 uninterrupted years it is not just the excellence and variety of the fishing but the wildness of the place, the pink and gray granite rocks, the tundra, the flowers and the birds that makes the Rynda such a very special place and those who look after it very special peoplе.





Afterword by Kola and Katya

We could not stop being touched by the friendship made around the table and when fishing. This team that used to have only the British anglers now became international thanks to the Russian, Belarussian and Georgian-Russian guests.


We very much appreciated all the camp staff remembering this group to be the first Rynda veterans. The moments of memories as well as wise advice from this team were the most precious for both of us.

Vladimir Rybalchenko’s visits to Rynda for dinners including the one to say “See you all next season” made the atmosphere special in the sense of having fun but also sharing the thoughts about the future of the project and making plans to meet each other between the seasons for more fishing adventures in England.